Couch to 5K

W3r1 yay I did it!

Started week 3 today. Found it tough but I did it. It was when I stopped running that I started hurting. My calf's and lower legs were so tight and sore, the walking was harder than running. Kept walking though and by the end of the last walk they had eased. One thing that disappointed was that map my run told me I had covered less distance, and a slightly slower pace and burnt less calories, so feeling disappointed. I would have thought running longer would have meant going further. Last week w2r3 I covered 1.79 miles at a pace of 17.25 min/mile. Today I did 1.51 at a pace of 17.59 min/mile. I must be the slowest runner ever! Disappointed my pace slowed too but I am chuffed I managed run run for a full 3 mins and twice ;-)

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Well done on your run, don't be disappointed in being slightly slower on this one, you have just run two blocks of three minutes, it's natural to go a little slower to pace yourself so you can complete the time instead of running out of steam 😀

It's better in the early weeks to slow and steady, speed (I am told lol) will come later!

And besides you are not slowest runner ever, my speed is still slower than yours and I am about to start week8 tomorrow 😀, your speed compared to others DOES NOT matter! What's important is that you are out there running😀!!!!!

So congrats again, and good luck on your next run😀


Slow is fine. Don't knock it. Running nice and gently will get you round safely. Run too fast and you'll get hurt, not to mention out of puff. There is no speed element to C25k, it's all about finishing the run

As new runners you can't expect to be fast. You have to build up your body before you can go for it. That takes time so don't be in a hurry. Chill out and relax. Enjoy those runs.


As the others have said, don't worry about speed. At this stage it matters not one iota. Slow is good and will get you through the programme. Really well done is getting to week 3.


Don't put so much pressure on yourself! And well done for kicking that run's bum. What's important is that you finish the run, don't see it as a "performance"that you have to compare with other people's runs. If you want to compare, compare with the struggles of the first week and those seemingly endless one minute runs! And most importantly, be proud of yourself - you're doing great.


Thank you all. Thank you for the encouragement, I don't feel so bad now.


I have problems with my calfs and shin splints.

The pain can be so severe that the walking is at a snails pace between runs.

I've been trying to strengthen my lower legs with exercises and also using calf supports (elasticated material, wrap around, secured with velcro).

Not sure how much the supports are helping.


Two words - lactic acid! As in, it builds up in your lower legs and makes them really hard to move. That will improve and you can help it by getting as much oxygen to your muscles as possible by taking nice deep slow breaths. I sometimes feel like I can't lift my feet another step!

Although I wouldn't say no to a running watch, I'm glad I don't have one just now as it makes it easier for me to focus on the important things which are breathing, getting through the runs by slowing down as much as poss and just sticking to the programme.

I was terrified of W3 R1 and it's a real achievement that you did it, in spite of how hard it was. And, after every run we have a a wee bit more stamina and a wee bit more endurance and we're a bit tougher.

I don't think you're the slowest but who cares if you are - you're a runner, you're out there doing this and that's all that matters! And, you actually need to go slowly at first. Well done!

Don't forget to stretch well afterwards and maybe consider using one of those crazy foam rollers. :p


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