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Week 6 Run 2 .. struggling

Hey guys,

My first time posting on here but have been loving reading about the rest of your progress.

Just completed Week 6 Run 2 (10x mins with 3 mins walking) and found it really really hard. Started the programme as I think it is the best and cheapest anti depressant out there and fancied shifting a bit of beef! So to speak.

I did this as a fasted run to try and lose more body fat so don't know if thats why I struggled so much? Had to walk for 30 secs or so halfway into the second half.

Any advice or suggestions? Genuinely found the 20 minute run of week 5 easier.

Thanks and happy training!

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Many struggle with W6. After the elation of running W5R3 it throws a bit of a curve ball. Mainly down to the fact that at first glance it looks easier.

Interval running should be easier than solid running right?


There is little chance for you to properly settle into a run before you are stopping again. When you are regularly running longer runs you will get to know that the first ten minutes (AKA Toxic Ten) of a run are always hardest as you struggle to get into the rhythm of the run.

You didn't enjoy it today, some runs are like that. Forget it, we all have off days.


I'm just about to start week 8 and wk6, run2 was by FAR was my worst and hardest run!!! The longer intervals are tough as soon as you start relaxing into it, you have to stop and start over again, not easy!!!

Stick with it!


Hi loulou...welcome to the forum...firstly, well done on your progress so far...I agree with Whatsapp...completing W5R3 leaves you in a state of utter elation, I know it did with me!!! Therefore, you imagine Week 6 will be a breeze but ends up a surprising struggle...& leaves you wondering whether or not you can really do this, well, the answer is, you can!!! You need to start your runs nice & slow & if you feel like you can speed up you do that towards the's not about speed it's about distance, that's why you were proper puffed at the end...the programme is designed to build up your stamina & strength gradually...take your time, you prob will lose weight gradually and you'll also lose inches but we don't want you dying in the process!!!! Happy running!!

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Slow down.... slow down....and then slow down more:)

Not sure if your fasting hindered also?

You just follow the programme and know you are ready for it )

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Well done on getting through.

To run you need to hydrate and fuel up sufficiently.............fasting sounds counterproductive in respect of being able to do the workout and I can't imagine that it will make the slightest difference to any weight loss. The C25K sessions are unlikely to burn any body fat............. marathon, well that's different.


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