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Plodding Along Week 6

I guess I am just tired and crabby. I generally look forward to my runs - I like the mood boost, the sense of accomplishment, the time I get to see and smell the flowers as I run along the suburban paths. And today should have been easy, right? It is week 6, run 2. That is 2 10-minute runs with a break in the middle, after finishing a solid 20-min run last week.

I don't know why it wasn't easy. Actually, for the first time since week 2, I didn't quite make it. I would have sworn that Laura said there were 3 minutes remaining in the second interval, so I kept right on running, pushing myself just a little more to get that last little bit of goodness out. Apparently she said it was 5 minutes more, though, and I was ill-prepared. I was wheezing and had a stitch in my side. I just could not make my legs keep going when yet another bloody song started without Laura saying I was done. I walked for at least 30 seconds, perhaps a minute before sucking it up and finishing the damn run. I was not best pleased.

Bad runs happen. It isn't a huge horrible deal. I still feel tired, I think, from last week's effort. I expect that taking 2 consecutive days off would help, but I can't bear the thought of going 2 days without running. So what do I do? How do I rest without going into withdrawal?

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I totally get what you are saying. I always want to run every other day and I knew yesterday I was too tired. I almost need to pinch myself to believe that I did run two lots of 8 minutes the day before and that is why I so desperately need to run after the rest day. So I messed up. Got to listen to our bodies more. You know you can run two lots of 10. I guess we just have to stop being so hard on ourselves. Take an extra days break then go for it. Good luck


Thank you. Yes, I need to be gentle with myself and honor how far I have come.


Week 6 got me like that too. I also felt the same after graduating and going back to intervals on the 10k training. It soon passes though so a couple of crap runs aren't too bad ;)


Glad to know it isn't just me finding week 6 more challenging than expected. :) I am sure it will get better.


Yes I am definitely with you guys as I had done the 20min one thinking "I don't know what all the fuss was about :)

I started week 6 thinking "yeh I can do this .. no probs" and the 1st one was OooKayyy? but 2 was a complete different ball game! :) I did struggle and was relieved when it ended and of course surprised.

I think it is a mind thing and that can be the most difficult thing to train it seems ... just a little hic up and the spirits go down.

So Guys ... come on we can do this just keep remembering the 20mins. in a good way to spur you on not beat yourself up with :)

I am sure it will pass ... I am due week 6 run 3 tonight so will let you know if I have taken my own advise! ? :)


Good luck Powerhealer!


Good luck with run 3. I hope it is as easy for you as week 5.


This week is notorious for this! You start off all confident and it's surprisingly tough, I think it's designed to improve endurance, you will recover Alaiyo, as Laura says, trust the programme. Good luck!


Thanks Gridlet. There is some relief in knowing that the "notorious" challenge affects me like almost everyone. I will endure. And surely that will improve my endurance. Someday very soon I will be able to run consistently!


Well i did it! :) Boy was it tough. Mainly cos I found a pair of insoles that I had made several years back and the problem was I couldn't remove my standard ones so .... yes you guessed it I stupidly put them on top! :(

What was I thinking??? Well actually I was being told it was silly and although my trainers didn't feel uncomfortable I thought I may get a blister. Guess what ..... I did!

No surprise there ... after telling everyone here to listen to their bodies I go and ignore what I can clearly hear in my head.

Of course I couldn't stop so this morning I put my dog walking trainers on with baited breath. Thank God they were OK.

As for the time well ....... after 10 mins. I was seriously flagging but listened to good old Laura encouraging me on and managed to finish it.

I made sure to stretch and this morning feel fine ... so all's well that ends well I spose! :)

I had a sharp reminder to ... Practice what I preach, walk the walk etc.

I have definitely improved on the determination front as in the past if I had wanted to stop I would have jumped at the chance of a good excuse and come to a grinding halt. This forum makes it like running with a group so THANKS guys! :)


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