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Week 1 run 1 and they did amazingly well!


As many of you know I graduated just over 5 weeks ago and my running has gone from strength to strength. Both myself and my hubby are passionate about running and my children have asked recently if they could learn to run like us.

I was a bit dubious at first because although the kids on the parkrun whizz around with no trouble I was worried about the strain to their developing bodies but I have consulted other parents, my running club and doctor who all felt that following the c25k plan would be a good introduction into running.

My son is 11, my daughter is 10, I downloaded the podcasts to their iPods prepared them as much as I could and off we went. I am running tonight so decided to peddle my push bike alongside them as they ran along.

I was so proud, both have sedentary lifestyles so I was worried they would struggle but they just took it in their stride. Passers by smiled and encouraged them along as they worked their way through the 8, 60 second runs. By run 6 both were beginning to tire, more so my son who is a toe walker so tends to suffers with very tight calves, but they both dug deep and pushed on.

I couldn't help but cheer as they finished their last run and Laura told them to start their cool down. I know it's going to take them longer than 9 weeks because I want them to take it slow and steady but I am so pleased that the first run went so well.

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Wow! WELL DONE CHILDREN! Send them a cheer from us too! What a beautiful post and pic!

Lots of great runs for you coming up. Nice one!

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Beek

Thank you. I will :)


What a wonderful post! Congratulations to the kids and of course to you and your husband too!! Will look forward to following their progress as I'm sure their resilient little bodies will take to running like ducks to water :-)

Also - your weather in that picture looks beautiful!!!

Jenner78Graduate in reply to ra220

I was lovely and sunny when we headed out. I didn't realise when I took it but you can just make out the Solent and the Isle of Wight in the distance. Fingers crossed the weather holds for my run for tonight.


They look great Jen ! You should be proud that you have set them such a good example

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Fitfor60

Oh thank you :)

Brilliant great thing to see. I am sure they are going to love it. I can see many a happy family running sessions in your future.

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Hopefully the running bug bites :)


Now that REALLY is Team Jenner!!

Jenner78Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

We're on a roll.


Ah bless them, well done! :)

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Trizzy37

Thank you.


That is such a lovely photo, they have done really well! I imagine it will make a big difference to their fitness but might also have a positive impact on their self confidence which, given the age they are, can only be a good thing. Hopefully they will both catch the running bug and it becomes a habit for life - or a while anyway :)

Jenner78Graduate in reply to lizziebeth57

I do hope so.


If they are as good as you they'll be entering mini marathons soon. :-D Tell them there's a bunch of Couch to 5k'ers cheering them on.

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Tinyrun

Will do Tinyrun. :)

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