Week 1 Run 1 ....I did it!!!

I have just done my first run & am mightily impressed with myself!!!!

6am Sunday morning, birds willing me along with their tweeting....and then my podcast I downloaded just kept skipping to the end! Aaargggg! (Is this something I can fix? I have ordered a new mp3 player)Not to worry I thought, I'll put the radio on! I WILL do this, and I did! πŸ˜‰ Not sure if if I did the right amount of running/ walking but I did around 1 minute of running and slightly longer walking according to my phone for about 20 minutes.(I printed out the list of what each week consisted of so I knew what to expect)

I just keep thinking by the time my birthday comes around at the he end of July I could.....no I WILL be running 5k!

I "ve read lots of posts and trust you when you say it gets easier...it does doesn't it????



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  • It does. Well done you πŸ‘. Just completed my first 4K run this morning since Starting this program 9 weeks ago. Not worrying about timing just now going for increasing my distance.

  • Well done on starting, I started yesterday and I also had an issue with the app, it seemed out of sync from what was being said to the display on my phone. I ended up running more than I should😩. Hopefully it will be ok tomorrow. Good luck with your fitness journey

  • The app sucks podcasts are better

  • Well done and welcome to the club!

    Very impressive time to be up and out on a Sunday morning.

    It does get easier, from a hater of exercise especially running (because I've always said I can't run) I'm really enjoying it (just finished wk3) and miss doing it on the rest days. Can't wait until I start wk4 now.

    Keep us updated and good luck with your progress x

  • Fab! and yes. (VERY impressed by 6 a.m). I've just finished week 1.

  • Well done on starting and at an early hour ☺

  • I've said it before Rob.. best time of the day... :)

  • Welcome! I hope you find C25K as positive as I do. I am on W8R1 tomorrow so I can tell you it doesn't always get easier but when you look back at what you have done each week you will get such a massive sense of achievement at what you are capable of that how hard it can be some days won't bother you. Just keep lacing up your trainers and getting out there and prepare to be amazed! Good luck πŸ‘

  • True... What's the quote? " No one said it would be easy, but they did say, it will be worth it! " :)

  • Yeay! Well done...Slow and steady, follow the programme... tech' gremlins permitting and you will do it!

    Don't think time or distance, just think, one foot in front of the other and heading for that thirty minute run in Week nine.. and you will DO it! :)

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