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Week 1, run 1 - with my 12 year old



Today my 12 year old and I did our first run. He plays lots of football but running will be good for his fitness. I am seriously unfit, because I'm determined not to be 50 next year and unhealthy / unfit.

It rained, but we did it. I ran for all of the 60 second intervals of the first run - slowly, thanks to the info on this site, I knew not to push too hard, but just run slowly. I am thrilled - I have never been able to run. Even much younger and fitter, running just wasn't something that I could do. My son did it pretty easily, but we had fun together and he wants to keep going :-)

I'm actually looking forward to Thursday!


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Excellent stuff. Enjoy the C25K journey :)



Check this out and keep it slow and steady :) Well done:)

Parksie7 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you - I read this before we went out today. Super advice - this is the reason why I made all of the 60 second runs - I didn't push myself to run fast. Lx

Brilliant stuff slow running is cool running. You are now officially a cool runner as you’ve started the journey and followed all the advice.

Well done and happy running next time out

Parksie7 in reply to Jancanrun

I was so pleased that I had read the advice to run slowly - I wouldn't have finished it otherwise as I would have pushed really hard in the first couple of running sessions and would have had nothing left at all for the others.


Well done to you. I think it's fab you are doing it with your son too. A shared hobby for you both 😊

Parksie7 in reply to Mand102

It's great doing this with my son. Quite often, my son goes to football with my husband and I do something with our daughter - both husband and son love football and my daughter hates it, so it has been our 'natural' split for a while. I think that doing it with him will keep me going - I don't let the kids quit on things just because they can't be bothered (or would rather be doing something else), so I can't really quit on this...


I go out with my 17 year old daughter. My son is 15 and won't come running with me as he could get spotted with his mum by his mates, and that would ruin his cool image hahaha. I did my last run without my daughter as she was out and I really struggled, but could hear her voice in my head telling me not to stop. They certainly do help deter you from quitting!

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