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Week 7 run 1 completed! Strange knee behaviour!

Completed run 1 of week 7 yesterday evening.REALLY didn't feel like going out as had been on trip to mainland (from I.O.W.) and been VERY well fed by my sister-in-law! Cakes, pasties, sweets,(lovely for a while) which is a bit of a shock to the system to me and a stomach used to reformed eating habits(thanks to Slimming World)!! i was craving my salad and fruit (wierd but true!) . So i slumped on the sofa still feeling full saying "shall i leave it to the morning?" to which the reply was "but your last run was thursday, thats 3 days off if you do that!" So i thought right get out there and prove you can do it! My partner had done a 65 mile cycle that morning so was feeling justified in pushing me out the door!!!

It was cold but not raining, did my usual-ish route but cos of the 25 mins the last trek was on a sloping hill that is usually on my warm down walk, when Laura said push yourself to the end i thought ok, i will try! And it wasn't so bad at all. Hard work but achievable!!

The main trouble i have found last 2 runs is that on warm down walk my knees make all kinds of strange clunking noises and feel a bit uncomfortable for a while, is that cos they are still in running mode? have only found this on the 25 min runs so far!

anyway good luck to everyone running on this week and look forward to seeing what everyone is up to!

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Hi Aliboo! Glad you got out there and did it, well done! Especially after all those lovely cakes! I did this one yesterday too and managed it-just- I found the first five minutes the worst-when Laura said 5 minutes gone I thought there was no way I would finish but amazingly I did. I took it very slowly and was pleased to finish. Sorry I can't advise on your knees- hopefully someone on here can give you some advice. Good luck with the rest of W7 x


Thankyou! yes i think you are right, first 5 mins are the hardest! going to try an early one tomorrow , i've a weeks holiday allowance so not back to work til next sunday, need to make a plan of action so make the most of my days! Hope you do well with your next runs, its nice having chats with someone at the same stage.............


I have slight arthritis and my knees usually complain after a run. They feel 'graunchy' and when I go upstairs for my shower they don't hurt particularly but I can hear them cracking and crunching. All I can say is that they seem to settle down again quite quickly so I just ignore it.

If they do get painful, it would be best to get them checked out.


Well done on doing the run!

I have had similar knee trouble starting with the longer runs. All totally fine until I stop running and do the warm down walk - then it's like my knees don't want to walk, especially if it is downhill, and I have had to tread kind of gingerly. Normally one or other knee, not both. But once I'm home and stretch, shower etc its all fine.

Anyway, just wanted to say this hasn't happened for my last few runs (graduated a couple of weeks ago) so I'm hoping my body has adjusted to the idea of longer runs or my legs have got stronger or something.

Good luck with finishing the programme and I really hope your knee trouble will disappear too :)


thanks for your comments its good to know its not just me. it was the same after last nights run but didn't last long so i hope mine will adjust too ! :)


I did couch to 5k last year but had to give it up because of knee trouble. On the longer runs, my right knee swelled up and then started to make a clicking noise when I bend or use the stairs. It took months for the swelling to go down and the clicking noise is still there. I'm doing the plan again and now on week 7. I have a knee support and that does seem to help and there has been no swelling. I do have joint problems anyway. Good luck!


Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Funnily my knee has been behaving past couple of week so maybe it was just a short-term problem(hopefully!)


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