Week 7, run 1 - I'm back!

You might have seen my post about week 6 run 3 where I 'failed'. I took a few days off intentionally and then a few more unintentionally (work!). I decided to draw a line under that run and move on, we all have bad runs right! And I thought of the positives - I still managed to run for 15 minutes and I got my fastest mile!

So I went back out tonight with new determination. I steeled myself by saying that if I found it too hard I'll re-do week 6 run 2 tonight and take it from there! The first 8 minutes weren't the best, calf was niggling, gremlins were niggling!! Then I found my rhythm and it was fine from there, not fast by any means but hey I was running! At minute 21 I had to have a word with myself but other than that a pretty solid run. As I was running I noticed my breathing is a lot less erratic than it used to be and this made me smile! Somethings working! Well obviously, if I can now run 25 minutes!!! :D I've also noticed that while I haven't lost much weight (just a pound or two), my waist is smaller than it used to be!

Now that I know I can do it I'm looking forward to the next one! :)


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7 Replies

  • That's the spirit !

  • Well done ! Bad run banished.

    Recently I've tried to sing along to whatever song I'm listening to, to distract the gremlins, seems to work somewhat.

  • I started to do that but my out of tune-ness put me off!!! Haha!

  • I'm out of tune too. but too busy panting to notice !! Who cares anyway !

    Kinda more of a gasping the song type thing ....

  • Sounds like you've pretty much cracked it! Once you get that comfortable pace and rhythm ironed out you'll be amazed at how far you can go.

    Sounds like you are getting some of the other positives too so well done! Keep it up.

  • Well done Sar, this is such a good training program and no one is scolding you for the gaps....just support & encouragement for what you do well. At W5 I thought I should have lost more than a pound or two (from all the effort) but guess my treats were outweighing the hard work. I started slimming world which is a really easy way of food optimising without going hungry (just buy a mag & try out some recipes) & now as I start week 9 have lost about 10 lbs (hopefully more at weigh in tomorrow) good luck with both & well done!

  • Well done. That's the spirit!

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