Taking a 2 week break

Hi I just completed W4R2 and I am planning on going on holiday next weekend for 2 weeks, I wasn't going to run during this time so I will stop at W5R2. I just wanted to ask some advice about when I get back, should I repeat week 4 or 5? how much fitness will I lose by not running for 2 weeks? I want to make a return plan so I don't lose momentum. I am loving this program and will definitely be recommending it to all my friends! Fantastic!!

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  • Hi! I got to week 4 when I started then was in my daughters car when she wrote it off then had an unrelated operation a week later that went wrong and got infected... after almost 3 weeks off I was able to start again at week 3 and really hadn't lost much fitness at all. If you are going somewhere safe with nice weather, or a gym, why not take your trainers and do a bit of holiday running? Or if that's not possible maybe try some walks to keep on track with your new found non couch lifestyle! :-)

    Enjoy your hols, and yep, c25k is the best thing I have done for years!

  • You should be fine. I find my ability to run is now in my mind - I know I can run now for 30 minutes so I can have a week or so off and then get straight back to it.

    I was in Turkey for a week last year and I still went out for my runs - why not take your running gear and give it a go: it was really nice to have a change of scene!

  • Just cause you're going on holiday doesn't mean you have to stop! This is a lifestyle change! make it something you love. You won't loose any fitness, but you'll advance 2 weeks. It'll be awesome.

  • I would also suggest trying to keep up the programme while you're away, unless taking your stuff is really impractical... I kept it up in Rome last autumn and as a souvenir have some maps of runs in the Roman countryside on my mapmyrun site. If it is impractical (I don't take my shoes when flying handluggage-only or travelling by train) then make sure you go for some brisk walks !

  • Thank you everyone for your advice, Packing my trainers may be a problem (I am going to Oz for 2 weeks and a wedding with just cabin baggage (long story) but if I can get my trainers in I am definitely up for keeping going, I think it will also help with the jet lag too! see you in a few weeks !!!! :)

  • Oz - how fantastic ! Just a thought - won't you need comfy shoes to wear on the flight ? Could those be your trainers ? (I always wear my bulkiest shoes when flying with cabin baggage only !)

  • Oooh Oz. lovely. Have a great time and as everyone else is saying. If you can work something into the holiday it will be worth the effort.

    S X

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