Couch to 5K

Week 5 Run 1 in the bag

It felt really good. I have found a comfortable pace thanks to my shiny new Forerunner keeping me from overdoing it! It's been really useful as I now know a good heart rate for me to be working at in order to keep going without wanting to stop (that's not to say it's easy but definitely achievable :))

Actually rather looking forward to seeing how I fare on W5R3 as that is the point where it gets serious :D I withhold the right to take that back though hehe :)

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Interestingly my heart rate 'zones' have a higher max heart rate than average - don't rely on That Heartrate Formula, folks - it is just an average after all.

I did panic a bit when Garmin Connect told me I was working at 99% of my theoretical (formula based) max heart rate when I was taking it steady, but after reading about it it's no big deal and is perfectly healthy :)

Resting heart rate is ~60bpm and my comfortable pace running heart rate is ~185bpm. Not bad for a fatty, eh :P


I'd endorse Scarlett_K's comment. My peak heart rate is way above the 'theoretical' one, which is good otherwise I'd be 'running' at walking pace to keep my heart rate down. Worth measuring peak heart rate yourself (if you can put yourself through the pain!).


Well done Scarlett :-) I'm glad you've made a good start with the Forerunner!! Keep up the fab work and I look forward to following your posts! I'm heading out for W5R3 tomorrow - eeek!! Mind over matter and just keep moving is the strategy I'm taking! I shall let you know how it goes!!


How did the rest of Week 5 go Scarlett? And how is the Forerunner going?


It went well actually :D very proud I managed the 20 minute run despite the first 5 minutes feeling like the longest 5 minutes yet. I did W6R1 yesterday and it was very manageable. Have also lost 3 inches off of my waistline in the past 3 weeks, crazy stuff this c25k business!

Still enjoying the Forerunner - looking forward to doing some of the longer runs so I can get a better idea of what my pace is :)

How are you faring?


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