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Week 5 - in the bag

I don't think it's really sunk in yet that me, yes me the one that nearly cried at running 60seconds 6 weeks ago has just managed to complete w5/r3 running for 20mins. I took on board all the previous comments from my blogs and others and run at a steady pace trying not to concentrate on how far I had to go but how far I had already gone, it was as much mental as physical and wasn't easy but I am so chuffed with myself right now, I also hold a torch of admiration for everyone else that has completed it.

I actually feel like a proper runner......

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You ARE a proper runner, well done, that's the big one out of the way, onwards and upwards!


Well done. You are a runner. I am just ahead of you and it's a great feeling. Enjoy week ??


Thanks guys, good luck with your runs too


Isn't it simply amazing to be able to run for 20 whole minutes. That is so awesome, well done to you. :-) I did the 20 minute run yesterday too, and I couldn't wipe the grin off my face for anything. :-D I even got a bit choked when Laura said I'd ran for 20 minutes. LOL It just is the best feeling.

I Love running and this programme just works, even though we think the leaps ahead are too much at the time it just amazes me that we do it. :-)

Best of luck with your next run. :-)


Congrats. I empathise fully... did W5R3 yesterday too.

All I can add is clever, clever, CLEVER YOU!


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