Couch to 5K

W6R2- taking a battering, roll on Spring

Hi all, well all I can say is phew, that wind is making things a bit tough! I didn't know whether to go out or not, the weather is awful but with stronger winds due this afternoon, I decided to give things a go and try and get back inside before the worst comes. It was pretty tough going, the wind was in my face, on my back, side-on, everywhere really but I did it! At least the rain held off. So pleased, I just couldn't bear the thought of not going out, its strange, I still cant believe I feel like this, I always hated PE at school but this is just brilliant. I seem to be recovering after the run a lot more quickly too, which must be a good thing.

A bit concerned about the hole that's opened up on the motorway in my vicinity, hope its nothing to do with my new running habit! Happy running everyone!

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Ah so your the one shaking the earth's plates then? Climate change nothing to do with you I suppose? Well done getting out there in this dreadful weather. I wonder what you PE teacher would think if she/he could see you now.


Hahaha! I think my PE teacher would find it quite amazing. I still can't believe it myself. I hope I continue to feel like this x


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