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On a roll???

Actually that refers to the end of this morning's run... but more of that later!

Just completed Week 6 Run 3, and I am not ashamed to say that I feel quite pleased with myself!

Sunday was so bitingly cold and icy, that today's run held a little more appeal.

I have tried to get out a little earlier in the mornings now, to avoid the morning rush, along the lanes, of frantic parents ferrying car loads of small offspring to the local school.

Quite moist underfoot this morning, but dry skies overhead. There was a wonderful scent in the air of damp leaves and wet earth, and, as I rounded the first corner on the brisk warm up, ( I love that word, 'brisk' ), the tongue tantalising smell of someone's breakfast cooking.

However, I had the prospect of the 25 minute run ahead, so no time to dawdle...I headed up the lane, and it is uphill! Surprisingly, I was not feeling too uncomfortable. I just kept the my pace steady , as I have said before , think small grey snail, and kept going. The trees have lost many of their leaves over the last few windy days and on a dry morning crunch, most satisfyingly underfoot; not today, they just made a not unpleasant soft, squidgy sound!

Because I was not sure of timings on part of this route, I headed up the hill to the bridle path corner, half way through the run and then I turned around and retraced my steps. I don't normally like to go back the same way that I have run, ( yes, I know, weird), but I just wanted to make sure I did not run out of steam.

Stunning view over the fields, but ominous black clouds heading towards me. Did this give me an added incentive,I don't know, but I headed back down the hill , still keeping a steady pace, until Laura whispered those magic words in my ear.. Only 1 minute to go... Yeay!

Then she suggested, if I was not feeling too tired, that I might up the pace for the last 60 seconds; guess what...? I did! I upped the pace, never done it before, and think it was because I was going downhill..and I finished with what might almost be called style and a little speed.( Hence the reference to.. on a roll!)

Completed my warm down walk and basked in the glow of Laura telling me that after today, I can say I am a runner! ( I felt maybe this was a bit of a sweeping statement for the end of week 6, but I loved hearing it).

How exciting... Just hope I can keep it up through Week 7,8 and 9...Watch this space!

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Oh, this was one of my most favourite runs of the programme! I love the description of your run and it sounds just my cup of tea! :) Well done! Enjoy the glow. It will keep you going all day ;) x


Week 6 run 3 is the last of the "transition" runs. You're on the home straight now. The remaining 3 weeks consolidate on your achievements to date. You now know that you can run continuously for a sustained period of time (and I bet that, 7 weeks ago, you would have thought that impossible). All weeks 7 to 9 do is slightly extend that time period until you are running continuously for 30 minutes.

Well done! You are almost there. You've cracked it ;)


Thanks for that... your words really strike home... Five weeks ago, I was pleased to be running for a minute!

Thanks for the support.:)


Sounds like a great run! Only small increases now to graduation!

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Hope so.... hanging on in foot in front of the other!:)

Thanks for the support!


Well done missus☺ You're on the home straight now girl

Nice and steady now. No drama's, just steady running. As you say, one foot in front of the other

Have fun ☺

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