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Okay, so maybe my title should say early summer roll, etc. because at last the weather we have been waiting for has arrived and it feels like summer, but like the tabloid press, I am not averse to a bit of inaccuracy when it comes to creating an eyecatching headline. The roll referred to is the one that I seem to be on, (famous last words) after last week's demolition of my previous Parkrun PB, I surprised myself by knocking 11 seconds off my home 10k run, even though I stopped to take a photo en route. This comes nearly a year after starting C25k, when I had expected that the PBs would fall rather less frequently. It's a bit like waiting for buses at the moment.....but at least I am at the all coming at once point.

The Vindaloo reference is also twisted for my nefarious purposes, it having been the England World Cup squad's theme song from several years ago now. I was reading recently about the 2014 squad and noted that James Milner, 28, runs on average 12.5k per game, about 1.5k more than any of his fellow squad members. If he can do that in the 30+ degree curry hot heat and high humidity of Manaus tonight then I am sure there won't be many keeping up with him.

The moral of the tale is that if you keep trying and improve your technique, then surprising results sometimes follow. Come on England!!!!

I apologise to all you non football lovers.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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'The moral of the tale is that if you keep trying and improve your technique, then surprising results sometimes follow'.

Here, here :) Come on England (although I have Brazil in the works sweep;) )


well said so true, and a huge well done on your PB's :)

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Well done on the PB's. That's along way to run in the heat. Had been pondering whether I would feel like an early run tomorrow after staying up for the game tonight - then remembered the London - Brighton bike ride which will more or less hold me prisoner in the house until late morning. Maybe I'll have adayof watching other people exercise.


Nice post but I would have liked to have seen a taco in there somewhere , and maybe a pizza?!


Now that's just greedy!


Crikey. Good luck to the boys. My evening run in last week's heat nearly had me, so hopefully they can cope.


Apology accepted, but I have to admit to being quite surprised at (and surprisingly interested in) how far the players run in a match.


Well done IT! You don't need dodgy tabloid gimmicks; your posts are always interesting and inspirational; you are the wise sage of c25k! Please don't mention curry, though... I could kill for an Indian takeaway right now, but apparently, they're not part of my training regime :(


Quite independently, I had a Vindaloo moment earlier today - have a look on JuicyJu's post about her new mantra.


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