Couch to 5K

Fresh Start February

After a super stressful fortnight in work, I really haven't been in the mood to run but I got up early yesterday with my positive head on, determined to start afresh in Feb. As I hadn't run since last Saturday, I decided to go steady and aim for a 15 minute run.

I'm glad to say that I managed 16 minutes with no problems and I was able to increase the incline a couple of % during the last 5 minutes, in order to work a bit harder. Annoyingly, it was going so well, I felt able to carry on for longer but I needed to be out of the house by 9:00am so we could get to the train station. Any other time I would've carried on but we had to get to Cardiff to see Wales take on Italy at the Millennium Stadium for the opening match of the RBS 6 Nations!

We had a fab time (very cold and windy, although thankfully they had closed the roof) and I can't wait for next years tournament and the World Cup! I had a fantastic nights sleep and I was up at 7:50am this morning. I did lie there for a while, wondering if I should get up......... Am pleased to say that I did get up and did a 15 minute run. This time I increased the speed every minute during the final 5 minutes, going from 5.0mph to 5.5mph - I am trying to challenge myself a bit at the end of each run.

I'm hoping this week in work won't be too bad, but we'll have to wait and see.... But I can't wait for my next run on Tuesday!

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Well done on your run and glad you enjoyed the rugby hope this weeks runs go well for you x


Well done for getting back to it.. And good luck for this week.. It sounds like you run on a treadmill, you might enjoy it more if you go outside for an adventure...???


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