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Week 4 - Run 3 - Still Hard to Get Out The Door!


Yesterday I woke up at 8am, ready to get out and run! But........ procrastination on my day off is terrible. Didn't actually get my trainers on until 5pm!!! But I did it. I got those trainers on and did my run.

It went better than expected. The first 3 minute and 5 minute run went well. The last 3 minute run was good and it was just on the last minute of the last 5 minute run that nearly did me in. I almost gave up and stopped but I reminded myself that I had done so much already and I could muster up enough strength for that last few seconds. Oh my goodness, I felt so good when I made it.

It is unbelievable how much stamina you can build up over 4 weeks. I think back to how I huffed and puffed during my very first run, when a 1 minute jog was challenging and now I can jog for 5 minutes! Crazy.

Hope everyone else has been able to fight through their own excuses and procrastination - Run, Run, Run :) :) :)

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Well done! This programme is amazing isn't it? I began a year ago and really struggled in the first few weeks, but put my trust in the programme and it worked for me, as it has for so many other people. You are clearly building up the stamina - there will be no stopping you now! Happy running. 👏👏👍😀

Tiptopcat in reply to JoP61

Thank you Jo. I really am amazed at the stamina that has built up so quickly. I look forward to improving even more.


Go you ! It would be crazy to give up in the last minute - if in doubt, just slow down 😀

I would have been so frustrated if I had given up. But I found a little extra just when I needed it. :)

ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Tiptopcat

It’s often the way. Glad you got through it, and proud of you ⭐️

That's a top bit of procrastination!

Tiptopcat in reply to Supersutty

Hehehe. Definitely :)


Well done to you... two big lessons, first, you got the pace just slow enough to compete the run. Second, the mind is really conservative and underestimates the capability of the body. Strengthen the body and convince the mind and you have got it made.

I will continue to work on convincing my mind that I really can do it!! Thank you :)


Sounds like a Turning Point to me! 🎉👏🏼 Now you know you can do it. We all say it: getting out the door in the shoes is the hardest bit. 😂 My top discovery was that if I put the gear on first thing, and the shoes where they block the door, then I would do it. Just too much like waste to take it all off again unused. 😊 Happy running.

I like your idea - getting the gear on. Just need to drag myself out of my cosy bed. Hehehe.

GranspeedGraduate in reply to Tiptopcat

Ah yes, there is that step too ... 😂

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