W5R3, the tale of 2 takes and a question

So, upon persuasion of a friend, I decided to do W5R3 outdoors.

It was different. It was very different!

There were people in the way. There were other runners. Road went up and down.

I had to slow down at times and in general, I did not manage a 20 minute non-stop run.

So, I decided to give it another go on the trusty treadmill.

I went to the gym today and attempted W5R3. And that's where things went in a way I hoped they won't.

I had to slow down for about half a minute after 10 minutes into the run and again, after 15 minutes into the run.

So I did not manage a continuous 20 minute run.

My question - what can I do?

I can definitely manage 10 minutes at a stretch. However, it seems a bit much right now.

I would have preferred to finish C25K in one go. But if not, do I repeat until I am able to run 20 minutes at a go?

Please share your experience oh experienced graduates and kind admins!




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  • Everyone is different. I myself had to repeat wk5r3 a few times before I got in one go. I tackled it by going back a few weeks and working up to it again but some just go out until they conquer it. For me I needed to teach myself to slow down before I did it, I was running too fast to keep going for a full 20 min and the day I conquered it, every time I wanted to quit I slowed down a bit and just kept going. If you only had to slow down on the treadmill but we're still running I would say you did it but if you went to a walk then maybe think of reducing the speed slightly for the next run. Good luck.

  • Thanks Admin.

    I will try to slow down further and try W5 again.

  • I totally agree with RFC - try and slow right down instead of stopping. I'd keep at it though. It's a tough step up but so rewarding when you nail it. Good luck

  • Thanks GOKG :-)

  • A similar thing happened to me, I stopped running for 30 seconds and the carried on for the rest of the time ... Felt so disappointed in myself! Then I thought Stop giving yourself a hard time as 5 weeks ago I wasn't running at all!!! Did it on the next run! Having said that I have my 25 minute to come tomorrow so who knows may have to repeat that one too!!! Keep going... You will get there when you are ready

  • Thanks Mrs Lenny and good luck!

  • I think you need to keep plugging away Ash to prove to yourself that you can do it. Don't be tempted to start off fast, start slow and keep it slow so that you don't run out of steam. You will crack this - it's as much a mental battle now. Good luck.

  • Thanks Ully.

    I am going to slow down further and going to restart with Week 5 tomorrow.

    I know for a fact that I can do that :-)


  • Bear in mind as well that it's partly mental - your body is able to do it because you've trained it up, but it can take several goes to get your brain to understand that it's doable. Slow down and keep at it; I think once you push past the 'need to stop!' bit in your head you're unlikely to have this problem again.

    Good luck!

  • I agree with the others, slow down. You are ready for this and you will do it. In retrospect, it was probably bad advice for you to use this run as your first run outside. Running outside is very different (though I still highly recommend you give it a go!). When you do, go even slower, at least until you get the hang of pacing yourself rather than having the treadmill do it for you.

    Know that you are ready for this. Physically, you have done all the preparation needed. This run is all about getting your head to appreciate that and to give yourself permission to just do it. Give it another go - the feeling of achievement you will get once you have cracked it is more than worth the effort.

  • You gave it a go which is great. If it was me Ash, I would redo week 5 all together. Run 1 and run 2 and making sure to get a day rest in between. I think Laura says that as you get better progressing with the program, you will find your recovery time (walking) can be shorter and eventually cancelling it altogether. So this is why I would redo week 5 all together.

  • Thanks admin!

    I am doing W5 again and at an even slower pace.

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