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How odd! I'm missing running!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would come to this. After my last run (W7R2) last Thursday I haven't run since. Yes, it's grey, miserable, damp and cold, but I can cope with that. What I can't cope with is that my body has let me down! Am I getting old?

My last run was only my second outdoors, and I was beginning to really enjoy it. I'd found a nice route, up hill and down, with a bit of woodland and a mix of tarmac (Milton Keynes redways) and gravel. My new running shoes (all properly fitted after gait analysis) were working a treat and I felt comfortable, and could have kept running all the way to the 30 minute mark, but decided to follow the programme and stop after 25 minutes, with a last minute sprint to end on a high. A quick shower, then off to work, with that nice tingle in the legs of a job well done.

But then, once the adrenaline my right knee started to misbehave. So much so that for three days I struggled walking up and down stairs, and although it has improved a bit, there's no way I'm going to risk running until it's completely healed. It's a long standing problem, so in a way I'm surprised it took until week 7 to materialise. I'll just have to wait it out. In the meantime I'm getting through Ibuprofen gel at a rapid rate of knots and I'm on some industrial-strength anit-inflammatories as well.

And I SO want to get out there again! I feel gutted that, just when I was really getting into this running lark, I have to rest. It's not until I've had to stop that I've realised just how much I've got out of the programme, both in terms of exercise and, more importantly, a sense of personal achievement. Hopefully in another week all will be well and I can venture outside again. Until then, I'm stuck with a thought I never thought I'd have...

I miss running! :-(

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Me too :-( I was going to post about it but saw you had and thought I'd hijack it with empathy! I love running & am missing it so much now, but I have to be sensible too :-(

I hurt myself doing the 'speed' podcast, my first run after graduating, rested for 3 days & felt better so did a 30 min road run for pleasure. This time the pain is in the ligaments down the front of the ankle & foot - I've coped with sore achilles, shins & calves to date using rice ( 'rest, ice, compression & elevation'), relevant exercises & an extra rest day to get ready for the next run in time no problem - this is the first time the pain has woken me up and been so persistant. I am so FRUSTRATED !!!! Did a bit of research & my shoes aren't really suitable for road running. I do mainly trail running, but the road is the only flat I've got which I needed when I had shin problems! So I've bought myself a more suitable pair ( cheap enough from Sports Direct ) and did a 1k trial run in them last night - sore ankles again today, in a different place from before so probably partially due to new shoes, but I'm not risking it.

It is really hard being sensible isn't it - my heart, lungs & head are ready & willing, but my legs are taking so long to adapt to this ..........

I hope your knee gets better soon and you can get back on the trail again, good luck :-)


What a disappointment... and I totally understand the frustration but you are both right in that you have to just wait it out. Less damaging in the long run, and remember a week or two isn't long if you think of the bigger picture. I just want to wish you both a speedy recovery.


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