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W3R1 done but now ill and no running :-(

So I did run 1 of week 3 on Saturday morning. I found it quite a challenge doubling the running time. On the first 3 minute run I thought I must be coming up to the end and then Laura said I was half way - arrghh! But I kept going and finished it. The second one was even harder and when I heard Laura's voice again I was so exhausted but luckily it was to say I'd done 2 minutes. That last minute was the longest of my life but my god, the feeling of achievement when I did it!

I was looking forward to getting stuck into the next run but on Sunday came down ill. I've been struggling with a chesty cough for weeks but now I'm coughing so violently I'm being sick and have had a fever for 2 days. Have only eaten a slice of toast and some biscuits since Saturday so no energy whatsoever. I'm feeling so bored, miserable and actually gutted that I've had to take a break from the running.

Hope everyone else is running well - looking forward to getting back.

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The general rule of thumb with coughs/colds etc seems to be above the neck, keep running, below it, take a break until you are well, so you've done the right thing.

I wish you better soon.


Sorry to hear, get well and you'll soon be fighting fit and stronger than ever!



How frustrating - still, it's shown you that you have really caught the running bug as well - you're feeling ill but ''actually gutted that I've had to take a break from the running"!

When you're well again, you'll pick it up again fast. Now you've got lots of time to read about running - loads of good websites to read and videos to watch! :)


Thanks everyone - I thought I'd get some good cheer and positive vibes on here!

I think you're right greenlegs - I must be a "proper" runner now.

Do you think I'll be able to go straight back to W3 again or should I drop back a week?


Hi - sorry to hear of your illness. It is a total pain isn't it? I graduated last November but have only managed a handful of runs since Christmas due to a mega-cold, snow and then flu!

**The following is all my opinion and I'm not a sports or medical professional**

First, you need to see how long you're out of commission for. Don't try to run again until the cough goes - you want to succeed on your return, not collapse in a coughing heap. If it's more than a week or so I'd suggest trying a week 2 run and see how it goes. If all seems fine then go for week 3 next run.

You WILL get there - it's never worth overdoing it for the sake of a few days though :-)


Hi. Thanks for the advice. At the moment I'd say its probably going to be a week at least until I'm back - this is real chest-heaving coughing spasms that leave me immobile. I will do what you said and maybe try one run from W2 - even if its just to get my confidence back. The good thing is I have until July before I do my race for life so I guess plenty of time. It's just so frustrating though.

Have managed to eat something today so hopefully my energy levels should pick up.

Will keep following everyone on here to keep me motivated :-)


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