W4R1 - Wooohooooo 16mins of running in total and I'm still alive!

Damn that Laura. At the start of the podcast she more or less delivered a public health warning about how much running we'd be doing this week. x2 5 minute runs - oh my god, there is no way I'll manage that. Or so I thought.

IT WAS GREAT!!!! Finally another run I enjoyed. Well, I enjoyed it as much as you can when you are pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone! It was warm out (but not as hot as the last few days) and drizzly - the drizzle is so refreshing especially when you're getting hot during a run.

In week 3 (as loads of you will know) the longest run is 3 minutes. This time, the shortest run was 3 minutes which is what we started with. I had no idea how I'd manage another 2 minutes on top of that during the next run but it was actually ok. I got a reasonable pace going too. Although the long runs are harder in terms of stamina, they are long enough to get a rhythm going with regards to my running pace - when I get in a good rhythm, it seems fairly comfortable. The 90 second walk between was ridiculously quick. I swear I only walked 10 paces and that 90 seconds was up (either that or Laura lied and it was really only 30 seconds - I wouldn't put it past her!). The last 5 minute run was harder but I got through it ok and I was aware I had a beaming smile across my face once I'd done it and started the cool down walk. 

I did have another pillock heckling me this time - not had one in a while. I wish I'd got his registration and reported him for sexual harassment (I doubt he would do it again if that happened) - I prefer the white van drivers compared to what he did. He was driving a bmw, actually slowed down along side me on the other side of the road (which did scare me quite a bit) and shouted "your tits are wobbling" (which they weren't) and stayed driving slowly for a second. Getting my sports bra on is almost as difficult a task as the running is, so I know damn well my boobs don't wobble - they don't budge in the slightest. I just ignored him and carried on until he drove off. I'm glad he was on the other side of the road but it did scare me as nobody else was about at the time, the fact he slowed down to an almost stop was worse than him shouting. Fortunately it was at the start of the run and the sense of achievement at the end outweighed that incident, but I'm taking a scrap of paper and an argos pen out with me from now on, so that I can make a note of anyone like that and reg plates etc. Scaring and intimidating ladies whilst out on their own in broad daylight is totally unacceptable so if anything like that happens again they will be reported. I'm not bothering with the white vans etc, but slowing down in the way he did and sexually harassing people is something I'm not going to accept in this day and age, it damn right out of order.

Anyway, stuff him. I can't believe I ran for a total of 16 minutes. SIXTEEN MINUTES!!!!! this felt like a huge achievement. I'm liking the fact that I'm exceeding my own expectations. It's mind over matter. I never thought in a million years when I did that very first run that I'd be able to do a total of 16 minutes in the one session. I am still typing this with a smile on my face and I went out at 5.30 for my run so I've been back for 2 and a half hours! 

Looking forward to the next run!

:) Hannah :)

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22 Replies

  • That's fantastic Miller, really well done! Absolutely gutted you had to experience the idiocy of some humans.

  • Yay well done you - I've just fin week 3 today and a tad terrified of what's to come in week 4 so great to read your post. Sorry about the moronic behaviour you had to endure - really quite scary. Take care 

  • Moronic is a good word to use! Week 4 isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was rather concerned before hand but I kind of have Dory (from finding Nemo) going round my head when I find it tough - just keep swimming, just keep swimming (but replace swimming for running). You soon get the the end of that section.

  • Love it going to picture Dory - cheers!!

  • the other thing I think is, at the point I want to give up, how disappointed would I be if I stopped running but then then only 20 seconds later the run section finished anyway - I'd feel like I'd cheated myself as I probably could have pushed through to the end. So if I ever mentally get to that point then that's what I think, combined with Dory telling me to keep going.

  • That kind of thing is really scary, especially when you realise there is no one else about. Have you thought about taking pepper spray just in case?

  • I thought about my Dad's BB gun he left me in his will...

  • You just never have your entire collection of weaponry with you when you actually need it. 

  • I know right?!

  • Steady.... you just keep calm and keep running !

  • pepper spray is illegal in the uk apparently.

  • Well done to you. It's a shame there are some real idiots about with nothing better to do than give out abuse. Keep going and be proud of yourself x

  • Well done for getting this far, I am also on W4 and if you had told me last week let alone last month that I would be able to run for that length of time I would have called you an idiot. Talking of idiots, what a plonker you had to put up with, as you said totally unacceptable. It was the thought of people like him that made me delay starting this programme in the first place. I run in the morning and luckily I mostly meet dog walkers who are always very friendly.  Don't forget to keep the smug smile on your face as you metaphorically pound his face into the road with every step you run.

  • Some people are just not worth the effort... what a horrid man.

    You are doing amazingly... keep focussed, ignore the idiots! 

    Keep on, as you are, slow, slower and really steady!!!! :)

  • :D

  • Well done on your run. I think there's someone else on the forum who's caught the running bug😎 As to the idiot heckling you, can you not just pull out your phone and take a photograph of him and his car? It might scare him off - might provoke him too, but so would pen and paper. Probably best just to ignore people like him - but that is easier said than done. 

  • I ignore the usual idiots, but when they slow down to an almost stop it's not so hard to ignore. I did ignore him and carry on but I was shaking like a leaf on the inside. I haven't taken my phone with me on runs as I haven't wanted any distraction etc (plus it will be too tempting to track my runs which I'm not that interested in doing). I may have to bite the bullet though and take it with me...

  • Miller's got the runners' bug! Miller's got the runners' bug! 

  • Sounds like you're hooked, just like so many of us.

  • Oh yes she has definitely got the bug :D

  • Well done Miller, I too completed W4R1 last night and yes, the rain felt refreshing. I use to look at runners and think why? why would you be out in the rain running??? where's the pleasure in that? Well, I'm a total convert now. We even went away this weekend and I took my running gear with me and managed to complete W3R3!!! I don't recognise myself lol. Well done and keep going and ignore these cavemen  knuckle draggers.

  • I love the rain! Not the puddles so much as I get wet feet (breathable trainers grrr).

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