I am so excited at having finished the couch 25k but feel a sense of finality. I have to decide where I go from here. I will definitely be interested in the bridge programme that is coming out shortly but think that for the time being I will keep at the running for 30 to 40 minutes three times a week.

This run was the most difficult of the three week 9 runs I did 30 minutes and stopped as soon as Laura said so! The other two runs I did 34 and 38 minutes. For me this is a mental thing more than anything as the only other run I faltered at was the first 20 minute run. In such a state about doing it I went out totally unprepared mentally for it and wondered if I had done the same today as I was very keen to graduate.

It's so great to know I can do it, and it was an astonishing journey from the complete non runner ( not even when I was a school girl) and someone that would grumble about even walking all the way around the lake I run around, to someone that can run all the way round without stopping.

All I can say to those who are working their way through the plan, never give up or see a run that doesn't go as you want it as a fail, it's all good practice and keep going until you can cope with the week you are on and it becomes comfortable before moving on.

A tip, I think that stretches at the end of the run are extremely beneficial and I am sure it has helped me recover between runs.

And finally about half way through I realised that people generally were not getting very near the 5k in 30 mins. I felt this was a little bit disappointing but now I understand. Once you can run for 30 minutes without stopping you can go on until you reach 5 k then all you have to do improve your time.

I hope this inspires others to keep at it, if I can do it so can you and to those who listened to my worries during my journey, a big thank you. And lastly thank you to my very supportive three daughters who all ran with me at times. Love you lots. Mum x


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  • a great role model for the girls! Well done you! :)

  • I am pleased to be the first to congratulate you! Well done x

  • Congratulation mrslazy, you'll have to change your name though!! :) Smashing reading your blog and I agree no run having not gone to plan should be seen as a failure. I also swear by stretching after a run and recently have started doing my 4 stretches twice over and find it well worth the time spent.

    No matter what you do from now on you can be sure that you have achieved a better healthier lifestyle which will stand you in good stead for many years. I hope like me you continue to enjoy your jogging.

  • Congrats to you on your graduation :)

  • Congratulations :)

  • Hoorah!! You must be floating on air. Name change due though ...

  • Well done mrslazy, it's always nice to look back on things with a bit of perspective :)

  • Congratulations...you are an inspiration. :)

  • Congratulations! I'm thrilled that you have graduated too. :-) I did my graduation run last night and feel very pleased with myself. I don't think there has ever been a time in my life before now when I could have run for 30 minutes. You are right about stretches - I am very bad at doing them but feel much better when I do. I'm hoping to keep up the momentum and maybe do a parkrun some time soon. You must be pretty close to 5K if you have run for 38 mins so keep up the good work too. love Pingle

  • A hearty congrats on your graduation!

  • Well done Mrs Lazy. I laughed when you said you stopped as soon as you got to the 30 mins for the last run .... I have done that on both R1 & 2 - maybe I'll manage 38 mins for R3 (I can but hope!!).

  • Mrs Lazy a very big congratulations to you, ive been waiting for your blog as i felt that we were doing this together all be it electronically, I to hope to keep running until i can run 5k in 3o mins, its great to be supported by your girls, my boys have run with me on the occasions i could not run with my friend. keep blogging to let us know how you are progressing and good luck with your future runs :)

  • Thank you all so so much for your lovely comments and congratulations. It does mean so much and I wouldn't have done it without this community support. I feel more excited now it's like having a birthday. Not that I want too many of them these days lol x

  • Congratulations too from me! I like you wasn't a runner at school, a sprinter but someone who couldn't manage more than 200m. I have now learnt nearly 30 years later that I could actually do distance :)

    Well done, and hope your next adventure is as much fun!

  • Congratulations! It's such a great feeling isn't it? Good luck in continuing your quest, you can do it!! :)

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