Uniform back on!

With only one run under my belt in past 24 days I felt so excited to have my running tights, jacket and winter accoutrements back on today. One week after graduating I had to submit and give my hip a chance to recover. It had gradually become more achy the longer I was running. A physio visit and some exercises later I ran for only 10 minutes today and walked for 35 minutes. Boy, I felt out of puff pretty quickly but enjoyed my outing accompanied by an old Desert Island Discs podcast to distract.

I plan to up my run by 2-3 minutes each time to get back up to the 30 minutes. I'm thinking 12 mins on Friday, 15 mins on Monday, 17 mins on Wed, etc. Hoping this is realistic!

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  • Well done to you for getting back into your kit. That sounds like a great plan, and I wish you luck. You've actually only missed some horrible running weather - rain, wind, cold - so good timing I reckon! Its lighter in the mornings and evenings now, too, so happy running to you....:)

  • Hips blooming hips! Glad to hear yours has recovered. It's definitely the area of my body i have to watch, my left hip gets very achey if I over do it. Your story is reinforcing my feeling that it's best to not push it to much.

    I think your plan sounds grand, and I wish you happy hips in future :)

  • Have you seen the running clinic video which someone has posted on here today? It talks about hip stretches!

  • Haven't seen that yet but will definitely look it up. Thanks!

  • Was feeling lazy today to go for my 2nd run this week. But since there's nothing stopping me I'll take inspiration and go. Thanks for posting.

  • I know what you mean about uniform - that's how I feel when I put my running kit on. It's a good feeling.

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