One run to graduation (at last)😀!

Week 9 run 2 was tough today (although what a glorious morning to be running!). I have felt incredibly stressed and tired at work this week and have also had a cold, so could not run mid week. First 20 mins of the run was great but thereafter it felt quite tough, as if I had nothing in the tank! As I slowed up and stopped at the end, I felt quite swimmy headed for a couple of minutes. The only other time I have had this was when I was ill once before, and I did get checked out by my GP, who was happy with my bp etc, so I am assuming that's all it is this time. I feel fine now😀 and think I just expected too much of a tired me! Am going to rest up now for a couple of days and hopefully be fresh as a daisy for my final run!

Happy running!

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  • Sounds like you will be just fine, Sandra.

    All the best and hope that you can enjoy your graduation run.

  • Wow! Run in the sun! Well done, rest up now and on run 3 nice and slow, how exciting for u. If u can learn from my mistakes, after graduation, just take it easy and don't increase run times by huge amounts a week. Just 10% per week is the recommendation. No injured my knee a little by starting a 10K programme too soon - silly me, back to 30 minute runs now!! Julie

  • Thank you - good advice for post graduation runs. Am just so glad to be nearly there! Love running!!

  • Well done Sandra !

    I know its been a long road for you what with your injury, but you have showed determination and have had a brilliant positive attitude . That makes you a winner in my book, Missus !

    All the very best for your Graduation run, and whatever you do , do it in style ! You are soooo worth it ! :-) xxx

  • Oh, Poppy, you ain't so bad yerself! It has been a long time coming but I am really enjoying it. I have progressed my runs from lots of pavement pounding around the roads where I live and (whilst it's light) out in to the beautiful Surrey countryside and now love running on what was the old railway line. Moving in to my favourite time of year and seeing the seasons change around me is so beautiful and really helps wash away that stress😖.

    This forum has played a massive part in keeping me going when the injury stopped me running and also the hard slog back to fitness!

  • This time of year is my favourite , absolutely gorgeous colours everywhere and that lovely nip in the air - perfect running conditions ! xxx

  • Good work Sandra. I've had the light headed feeling myself previously if I stopped abruptly, don't seem to get it now I do the cool down walks. Hope the last run goes well for you :-)

  • You've done brilliantly. It's so tough when you have a bad week at work, I've definitely experienced that, but it's so great when you push in anyway! Good luck with your final run :-)

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