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W3 R3 completed!

Woohoo! Can't believe how this is going, the 90 sec runs are no longer a problem, no change in my breathing, no pain in my lungs or muscles, feels as effortless as walking which is something I have NEVER experienced when running, beginning of week one I struggled with the 60 second runs, so this is a real achievement. The three minute runs are getting ok too, although I do feel like some concentration is needed towards the end but again feel like I could still go a bit further. Just as well there's a jump to 5min runs next week eek?! How is everyone else getting on? Xx

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Just finished week 3 today. Now you point it out the 90 seconds does feel an awful lot easier.3 minutes...hmmmm....Yes I agree have to push myself for second one.not sure about the 5 minutes but then never thought I would get this far without injury or illness!


Just finished Wk 3 and I must admit it doesn't feel like toooo much of a struggle. I still don't believe I can run for longer than 3 minutes although I do feel I could run again after the walking get your breath back bit, so things must be improving! So I must stay positive. Good luck with Wk 4

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I've just done w3r2 and enjoyed it. I too feel I could do a little more after the final cool down walk. Have lots of slight inclines where I live which I can feel the pull in my calves when jogging but then enjoy the downhill!!!


Yes I have a few hills here but I never really noticed them when I drove everywhere! Now I try and do the running on the flatter bits and the walks up hill - I turn around and go over the same ground if I have to-a bit of a cheat but I don't want to be put off in these early days or I will get a bit negative and give up and I am determined to keep going. Good luck with your running.


Sounds like you're getting the running bug. Keep focused and trust in Laura


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