W3 R3

Well after 5 days of no running due to a sore knee, i completed week 3 today in style.

I was a bit concerned about week 4, and did not want to knock my fragile confidence, so i completed the final 3 min walk and still had a 15 min walk home, so thought i would do another 90 secs, put my own music on and the next thing i knew it was the end of that track and well into the next....a grand total of over 4 mins!

I feel a lot better about week 4, but its surprising what the right music can do!

Week 4....come on!

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  • Well done, you sound all set up for wk4 now.

  • Well done you thats a great way to say bye to week 3.

  • im starting wk4 race1 tiomorrow ;)

  • Good luck. Hope you it goes well for you! Let us know if those 5 minutes are okay.

  • Yes let us know how it goes!

  • Great news. I'm starting week 4 on Monday. You too? I think its going to be fine. Good luck and rest that knee well tomorrow!

  • I have to admit I struggle with the podcast music, but I need it to complete the splits properly, so I think I'll stick to it till the end - one more thing to motivate me: looking forward to using my own music! Well done you, though, I've got week 4 run 1 to look forward to on Tuesday...

  • I am at the same stage, finished week three run three today and start week four on Tuesday. I found an iPhone app from Zen Labs (I think) that allows you to play your own music from the phone whilst interrupting to tell you when to switch walk/run. It's helped me stop being bored during the three minute runs scared of week four though!

  • I think we're all scared of week four coming up. It sounds like quite a leap but I'm sure Laura isn't asking us the impossible. I'll be having a go tomorrow morning bright and early! Good luck to all you Tuesday starters.

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