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W3 Completed!

Just finished week 3 and so far still standing! I think it helps that I exercise each morning to give me more strength and flexibility. As with other weeks W4 is looking quite daunting but I am looking forward to the challenge. The family think I am getting a bit obsessive about this but its just that I am feeling so much fitter that I want the improvement to continue.

I find your blogs give me the motivation if, like yesterday, it was touch and go whether I hauled myself off the couch to get the gear on and run; thanks.

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I am one run behind you.

Keep up the good work


Well done on finished week3 :-) It is a tad addictive isn't !


From one old fogey to another... great going!!!!! :-) Gayle


Im Week 4 Run 2 and yes it is abit addictive! Horrible running for 5mins but lovely when you do it. Well done oldfogey from another oldfogey!


Oldfogeys unite in our obsession! :D


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