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It's been a while since I've been on this forum, but after quite a long lay off I'm back running at Week 8 and doing Jantastic.

After logging my first Jantastic run it comes up with a local position - apparently I'm in position 11... I've had a look around the Jantastic site and can't see any information on this or how I could search to see who is running locally.

Anyone know how this position is calculated and how I can see who else is running locally?


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  • I don't know either, but I don't seem to have a local position, just a # with nothing after it (maybe I'm the only one in these here parts?!). I'd be interested to know if you find out. Incidentally, if you'd like to join the NHS Couch to 5K team then there's more information here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

    EDIT: I do have a local position now (must take a while to update). I'm currently #1, adding to the theory that I'm on my own here! :-/

  • Just logged my first run after joining the C25K team, I'm position #4, no idea what it means!

  • I'm now position #3 so I guess I'm not the only one doing Jantastic locally. There must be 3 of us! :-/

  • I thought about joining the c25k team but I still don't feel 100% and didn't want to let you peeps down.

  • No worries. If you decide you'd like to join us later then I believe you can join a team up until the end of the month. Good luck with your challenge. :-)

  • Just want to say welcome back and glad to hear you are running again and joined Jantastic. No idea about local position either though. Will have to look and see if I have one too.

  • Still tough going...I started back doing 1 run from wk2-wk4 2runs from wk5, then repeated wk6 and 7 entirely. It feels so much harder than the first time round. I now position 16. Anyways second run for jantastic tomorrow - wonder what my position will be then....Did you get a local position?

  • Well that's taken a bit of perseverance so I hope it gets a bit easier again soon. I am still find it tough going to be honest but I reckon it must get easier sometime soon! I checked my local position and it's 29th! not very inspiring but there must be a lot of Jantastic runners in Edinburgh I think. I checked the numbers for the last Parkrun and there were nearly 500 people running! Kind of scares me there are that number running so I've not done it yet - but it is one of my goals. I am doing my second run tomorrow too, good luck and hope it goes well.

  • Woo hoo, I Just logged my second run and moved up from 90th position to 11th. I am enjoying the warm glow of success :)

  • superb bit of strategic running lizziebeth.. . I just logged my second and went from 23rd to 7th... wonder if when others start logging their second runs I'll get passed again...oh hum...

  • I've noticed the same thing about the position once you log your latest run, I'm aiming for 3 runs and would guess that those who are doing more will be in the highest positions.

  • I guess it is calculated because we had to put in our nearest town/city on a drop down list when registering. My nearest one was 20 miles away, so it's not very local at all! I'd like to know who else is running 'locally' like you, but the site doesn't seem that interactive. I can't even change my profile name to TJFlute.

  • According to Jantastic - "It's you versus other people in your area. Will be clearer when we add location filter to the results". So there you go...

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