Couch to 5K

Did it!! Early!!

This morning I went out for the 25 minute non-stop run (6c). I reached the 20 minute point which I'd made last week (5c). Last week that felt a hell of an achievement, and I could well see Laura's comments about training the brain to believe you can do it. This morning at that 20 minute point I took a mental stockcheck - told myself, "right you're breathing OK, your legs are no MORE tired than they were 5 minutes ago, you can do it!" Got to the 25 minute mark - and this time thoughts just came - "You are STILL breathing OK and your legs are STILL no more tired than 5 minutes ago - why stop??" So I didn't! Got to 30 minutes, and then did another minute just for the hell of it - I was just so in the groove, in a great rhythm. I could actually have done more - but I'd reached the supermarket I was going to do some shopping in. So instead of collapsing I did the warm down walk gliding around the supermarket.

By the way I'm 63. I did do a bit of running last year, but never made more than 5 minutes running at a time. So I feel dead chuffed. Think I'll consolidate for a few weeks now, but I'm wondering about aiming for 10K!

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well done JIP. thats a fantastic achievement :)

make sure you have your rest day as it will be essential for recovery.

I bet you were grinning from ear to ear walking around the supermarket. so pleased for you.


Brilliant well done!

You use the same talking to that I give myself, legs are ok, breathing is ok, everything is ok - so just carry on and do it!! :)


Great job, you should be really proud of yourself.


No Shelley, I wasnt grinning, I was floating!!

Yes I always have the rest days - sometimes have to have two, if circumstances get in the way of running. Amazing thing though is that today I don't even feel tired. It's as if everything at this stage has just got into gear!

Minuette - thanks! When I first started, my son-in-law who is super-fit and into all sorts of sports, said that running is 50% physical and 100% mental! He's right. It's been funny as I've progressed, watching my thought processes - before the 20 minute barrier I found myself saying, "OK you've done well enough here, you've shown you COULD do it if you wanted to, so a break won't hurt!" . But it was in the 20 minute run that I found I could take over and keep saying there is no need to stop. The mind is powerful!

I now have to decide if I WANT to push to 10K or not, but I KNOW now I can do it. My aim is fitness rather than distance


wow well done jip!! truly inspirational stuff!! :)


Wow, many congratulations and thanks for a very inspirational post. I'll be telling myself those simple mantras next week when I do the wk6r3s and beyond.

As far as going to a supermarket straight after a run, well done to you! I think if I tried that they would take one look at me and forbid me to go anywhere near the frozen section for fear of the heat from my Ribena face from melting the

goods! :-)


I'm very fortunate that there is this supermarket at a convenient point in my run schedule, and I've been able to go shop there after runs, then catch a bus that takes me to within yards of my house!!


Brilliant, well done !


Great stuff; really well done! I'm 62 and also graduated a little early, and just love it.


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