W6R3 I DID IT!!!! YAY!!!!

Laura"Today we will be running for 25 minutes, NON STOP, Scared?"


HOWEVER...... I DID IT!!!!!

I am so thrilled with myself, that is the longest I have ever, ever run, in my whole entire life! I am ecstatic to tell the truth! 25 mins of non stop running by me, Kate the unlikeliest person to run in the world, but not any more... week 7....BRING IT ON!!!!!

6 Replies

  • Fantastic! Well done. Enjoy that feeling.

  • brilliant well done you :-)

  • Well done. If only you could bottle that feeling huh?

  • Fantastic Kaydee! Well done!

  • Fantastic achievement isn't it, well done, enjoy the smiling :-)

  • I just did the same tonight and feel just as awesome!! YAY US!!! :D Congrats!!

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