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Running and sniffles

So, yesterday was the start of my first cold of the season but, since I was just in the sniffle stage I went out running anyway.

I felt fine and completed my 30 mins with unhappy legs but with happy stamina. I did rush out straight after work without even stopping to sit down (except to change) so my legs might not have appreciated that!

I do wonder how this cold will effect my running, though. I'm definitely worse today but I have a few days off work to recover so hopefully it won't throw me off track. I'm the sort of person who doesn't really stop for illnesses anyway, but I'm not normally attempting anything too physical!

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I ran with a cold after a friend said 'as long as the symptoms are above your neck, you will be fine'. I ran twice when in full "wet cold" with sleeves and knicker elastic full of tissues and was fine if a bit heavy legged. Felt no worse and also no better but at least I had achieved something! Do it as long as it isn't in your chest.


Good to know! I do have a tendency towards chest infections, so I'll keep that in mind, but I would prefer to keep active!


My old rule of thumb when I was trained before was to cover my mouth and nose if exercising with a cold - warm air is less stressful on the lungs.

Also 1/2 usual distance if really not up to it


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