Best 10.5 k yet- and finally got the cold running gear sorted

I have really struggled with adapting to the colder air. My legs have been cold making it difficult to run and keep running and that cold air whooshing into my lungs not pleasant. I consider myself fairly hardy - and not easily defeated. I have been looking up thermal running trews - but it is not payday yet!

I have done couple of speedy shorter runs mid week - but wanted to do a solid 10k this morn. Nearly goldilocks weather - beautiful sunshine, very little breeze and not quite as cold as in the week. So i carefully layered up - three light weight tops, gloves and two pairs of running leggings.

I set off with my mate who is speedy gonzlez - and had me cracking along at sub 6.5 kilometres. Not my usual slow 7.5- it felt good and buzzy - but there was no way I could sustain it. So on the canter back i reigned it in to 7.5 a kilometre. Finished 10k in 1 hr 14 mins - one min off my previous time. Near the last couple 100 meters found I had spare energy in my legs and found energy for a v fast sprint finish - but was nearly sick as a result. Total distance 10.5k 1hr and 16 mins. Feel reasonably satisfied with that as long run time as I start to build up distance. But my running vanity wants to go faster.......

Happy running everyone:-)


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  • Wow sounds like a great run! I'm hoping to reach 10k by the end of the year and would be thrilled if I could do it in that time!

  • Thank you so much for the support. This is probably the first weekend I feel - I can do this - and really want to commit to losing weight and getting better.

    good luck with your won running :-)

  • That's fantastic, well done you, your training is paying off nicely... And blimey that's alot of clothes, I think I'd overheat....!

  • thanks - i quickly de-layered- but still needed the long sleeve top for sea breeze last section of run:-)

  • Brilliant , I hope I get to that level one day ! .

  • Thank you for the support - much appreciated :-)

  • Its cold here too and my thighs feel it more than the rest of me, so I've started putting my knee length shorts on over my full length leggings to give them a bit of extra protection. I seems to help !

  • Yes - as i discovered yesterday - that extra layer really does make a difference to how you feel and the confidence with which you can run..

  • Wow! What an accomplishment. You are an inspiration- no weather or attitude got you down. Terrific!

  • Thank you- it is interesting the whole mental attitude thing - the day before I was a gibbering wreck - completely daunted about kidding myself I could run. What a difference a day makes :-)

  • Well done suzy! Very sensible to reign it back a bit and have enough left in the tank to complete the 10k - the stamina you're building will help with the speed in the 'long run' (oooo..sorry!)... ;-)

  • ha ha - 'in the long run' - hope you are right:-)

  • As Laura would say, you are a real runner. As anyone would say with that performance, you are a real runner! It will be interesting to see how your mileage goes up over these cold months. Come spring, watch out- a HM or M, maybe?

  • Thanks for the confidence I am a real runner- sometimes I almost believe it :-) As for future plans - I am slightly embarrassed to say I have a place to do the London Marathon - so mileage will crank up over the next few month - I hope!!

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