Winter running motivation?

Firstly, I can only apologise for my absence from the forum the last couple of months. There are so many unfamiliar names which only shows me how awful I've been for not visiting (but so very pleased that many more people have discovered the magic that is C25k!). I've thought of you all often and keep intending to catch up on the goings on of the forum and now I'm finally getting round to it!

I'm still running, having gradually built back up to 30 minute runs after my injury (with a few little setbacks owing to illness). The next goal is to slowly work back up to the 5k again and then see when we go from there. I had one of those fabulous runs on Friday which just felt great and I knew the only people who would really appreciate that is you lot!

The advice I'm seeking is how to keep motivated through winter?! I was so looking forward to running in winter but I'm being a real sissy about it and struggle to face the cold out there. SlowWorm reminded me to mention that I'm a late evening runner, the later the better, and have never been able to run in the mornings. I have thermal base layer leggings and top and a light rain jacket and have recently bought running gloves and a headband. I'm being ridiculous as, being on the South Coast, loads of you must run is colder conditions than me but I so look forward to the runs and don't want the dread of the cold outside to take away from that! I'm generally a 'cold' person anyway (temperature wise anyway - I like to think not so much in a personality sense!) so struggle to heat up and stay warm. Any advice welcome!

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  • I am also on the south coast. Last week I just got up and got out. It was just after 7am and not fully light. That's the only way I can do it. If I start thinking about it, it doesn't happen. Do you have anywhere you could run to for a reason, like a nice hot drink? Or promise yourself a nice hot breakfast when you get home.

  • Ahh forgot to mention I'm an evening runner - the later the better! The few times I've gone out in the morning (even in summer), I just can't manage it!

    Love the idea of having something warm waiting for me when I'm back - maybe a warm drink a little while before I go too to try to warm myself up first! Thanks! :)

  • Good luck. Go for it and I hope you find something that works for you. :)

  • Okay... all you need now,is your buff for your neck to keep out all the drips and drops and the wind..pull up over your nose too, if necessary!

    Ullyrunner advised me to get one last winter when I ran the whole of C25K between October and December.. up North too!

    Wind, rain, hail, ice and snow .. and the early mornings, which is my preferred time were very chilly!

    So..put your gear either on a radiator or in an airing cupboard to get warm , warm yourself up before you head out...and then...

    Just get out there and run.. ! Think sunshine, deserts, warm toast and hot coffee.. think of me shivering in North Staffordshire.. and go for it :)

  • I had to work out what a buff was - for a second I thought you were suggesting 'in the buff' which I felt pretty certain wouldn't help with the coldness issue...

    Radiator - great idea. I think I'll need one of your poetic posts on your 'warm' running thoughts, Floss, so I can emulate them on one of my runs! Must keep in mind how hardy the rest of your are and that I have it easy down here in comparison.

  • Okay..I will write one..just for youxxx

  • I love Pinterest, no idea why I didn't think to look there!! Thanks Dave!

  • Hello Melly, good to see you back again. Some good advice there and I can only tell you what works for me. Thermal leggings, long sleeved top, a thermal jacket. Gloves, hat and a buff are critical in really cold weather. You can always warm up at home - I know misswobble does that - but you do warm up pretty quickly as soon as you start to run.

    Then, just think of that hot shower/bath for afterwards!!

  • I must invest in a buff!! Thank you, it's good to be back!

  • A running buddy of some kind? I never think it feels as cold when I am out with the running group I belong to (even if we are quite spread out) and I, like you, feel the cold. Putting a casserole in the oven before I go out means I get to come home to hot food, and a warm house.

    It's nearly December, and people are already turning on their outside decorations maybe you could have some fun with those? Prizes for the best/worst/most headache inducing/oh look this whole street used That Shop... The possibilities are endless.

  • I love the idea of judging the Christmas decorations on houses! I usually run on the seafront or common so not so many houses around but I might mix up my route a bit just for that!! :)

  • Hehehe, glad to be of service :D

  • Welcome back our lovely Melly !

    I was just wondering the other day that you hadn't been on for a while, I am glad youre okay xxx

    Ah yes, Winter running , not my favourite thing by any stretch of the imagination !

    I was humming and aahing last week as I can only run in the evenings too during the week. I had a long sleeved top on, my buff , my baseball cap and my long leggings . I really wish I had taken my gloves too as my thumbs were freezing !

    Once I got going , I was fine and I am so glad I went . I always think to myself " What would I feel like if I didn't go ? " and the answer is always the same " Rubbish, why didn't I just get up. get changed and go ? "

    I run much slower in the evenings too as theres lots of slippy leaves about at the moment , so you need to watch where youre putting your feet. Its nice though just to take your time , and now Christmas is coming , you get to gawp at everyones decco's ! :-)

    Nice to see you back :-) xxx

  • Thanks Pops, no natural disasters or anything, I've just been very busy and kept thinking 'I'll check the forum later'. Once I'm on here I want to read and reply to everything so know I need to put some time aside for it. It's no excuse but I intend to make up for it by staying hanging around this time as I miss all of the fabulous people and the positivity here.

    Yes, I have not once felt 'bad' after coming back from a run but do feel bad for not going - I always try to keep that in mind too and it usually gets me out the door! My hands are always cold too and never seem to warm up so I'm glad I invested in some running gloves. A buff is next! :) xxx

  • Sign up for a winter race or two. That keeps me motivated enough to keep up the habit.

  • Welcome back:)

  • Thanks John! I've missed you all!

  • Hi Melly ☺ I joined jog club just before Christmas and the route the leader chose was to take us round Knob Hill to ogle the lovely decorations in the big houses up there. Each bay windowed house had a gorgeous tree in each one, and as we progressed down the road, oohing and aaahing at each, we forgot we were running 😊 It's good to be distracted sometimes 😊

  • Great idea, love the sound of running to see Christmas decs! IrishPrincess says that you sometimes warm up inside, which I like the idea of! Is this on a treadmill or just dynamic stretches?

  • I warm up in the hall. get fully ready first! I don't do anything that involves a dreadmill. shudder 😊

    30 seconds of high knees, on the spot, arm swings, jump rope (minus rope), hip swings, skaters, jumping jacks. I do the routine twice. then when smoking hot get out there for my warm up brisk walk. I never skimp on it.

    Post run cool down walk, which can be long, depending on where I end up. once home I do some stretches while still in my gear. stretch out calves, legs ankles, glutes, shoulders. i don't bounce these stretches! I dance about in the kitchen while I make a hot drink. then it's into, a hot, epsom salts bath for 20 minute soak 😊

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