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Found my mojo - snuggled up with the lurgy!

Well, dragged myself out of bed on Thursday morning and had a great run. Did 7k and could have easily done more but for time. Mojo found! Now, I'm absolutely full of cold so I'm grounded again. It's raining quite heavily anyway so maybe not ideal for a run.

I'll see how I feel tomorrow - the weather looks like picking up a bit after today so I hope that I can Shake this lurgy!

Have a great Christmas everyone and a happy and prosperous new year.

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Oh, that's a shame. Hope you and your mojo soon feel better.


Thanks Eebahgum.


Having just recovered from bug and cold I would say don't push yourself to run if you feel rubbish, especially if you feel a bit weak (I want to say 'wabbit' as I think it reflects what I mean more clearly - but recognise the term may not be common in all parts of the uk). Look after yourself and the lurgy will pass then you will be back out running with your mojo :)


Hope you're encouraged that lost mojos can be found though! Get well soon.


Well done on finding that mojo- They don't hide that well then. Hope you're feeling better soon. So many people are suffering with these colds at the moment. I'm just kicking mine into touch.


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