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Found - one mojo!


Life has just got in the way of running over the last 4 weeks including a diabetes management course which has given me a much better understanding of diabetes but, due to sitting writing essays, has also given me a big bum! So I am about to set off shortly for a run. Yes, all the little gremlins are present with excuses why I shouldn't but I ignoring them & still going. I thought I would post my pending run here because I would look really silly if I didn't then go 😁See you all later with a report on how it went. T'ra xx

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Well done you! I thought I'd got rid of my gremlins at W9R3, but yesterday mine were out in force once again. Like you, I did go in the end yesterday and happily but wearily trampled on the pesky things. Don't forget to tell me how you got on! Today for me is a no-procrastination day because I am in a local running club beginners' group & it's our club night .....

Dhiny in reply to davidhwynn

Hi David, I had to really push myself today but I did it. Had to cut it short though so only did 3k today because the dark clouds were looming at 1.5k so J turned round & got home just before the heavens opened. Not as long as I wanted but any run is better than none & it has got me back out there. Next run is parkrun on Saturday. It is great to be back 😁

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to Dhiny

GREAT! 3K is just fine. It's my local running club night today and then it's Parkrun for me as well on Saturday. I'll be thinking of you on Saturday morning: that will be your 5K. Keep posting, for me at least it's good for the motivation

Dhiny in reply to davidhwynn

I will be running a virtual parkrun with you xx


Hello! Glad you are back. We await your update, hope you had a great run!

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Oooppps crossed posts, well done getting out thete😃🏃🏼‍♀️


Yep - got to do it now:)


Yeay! Hidden mojo returns to owner!!! Hope the run went well!!!

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