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yippee, celebration, I did it AND I found my mojo!!

great news! I think my mojo came back, following my somewhat depressing blog yesterday (sorry about that, normal service will be resumed).

Just had my first cup of tea, small(ish) person despatched in general direction of school, via railway station, and now I'm back on the blog browsing. I feel like running this morning. I'm not going to, not because I completed my graduate run yesterday, but because I have to wait in for a delivery, boo hoo. But the fact that it is frustrating has really cheered me up! I'm feeling inspired by all the blogs I've read this morning and am developing a cunning plan for the future.

I've copied the BUPA training to 10K for Beginners plan into word, deleted week 1 and am busy adding in cycling, yoga, zumba, etc and exchanging some of the runs for NHS 5k+ speed podcast (at least one a week).

I have 2 new goals, one near future and ongoing, and one in the spring:

First, I want to do some parkruns. I'm happy to trail at the back for the first few, but I want to do at least one per month (subject to being taxi for my daughter on Saturday mornings) and get to the stage where I can comfortably (ish) do 5K in 30 minutes.

Second, I want to run 10K in the spring.

I've already signed up for parkrun account, although I will change my local run to Bushy Park, as it's prettier than Stoke park, so I will aim to do one during November (assuming I keep running while I'm on holiday 1-9 Nov)

Ooohhhh, it's exciting! :-D

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Great to see you have got your enthusiasm back! It's good to have some goals to keep you motivated too.


thanks rosn123, back to normal now, have my goals and plan pinned up in the kitchen ready for the next couple of months :-)


Big congratulations on graduating yesterday vixiej and glad you are feeling much more positive!

Having those goals and making a plan is a really good idea and would be just the sort of thing I would do to. They will really help you to keep going and to keep your mojo alive as you see steady progress. Well done again!


thank you! It is starting to feel really good now. I can't believe I made it and there is so much more to do :-)


Welcome back mojo-vixiej has missed you! Really good to hear your future plans and goals. You can't live without goals and failing to plan is planning to fail-your are all in place so go girl!! :-) Well done!


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