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Lost my mojo

Morning Everyone,

It's a bit wet and windy here this morning in deepest Kent.

I'm writing this whilst I'm drinking my coffee and wondering where did my mojo go?

I graduated about 8 weeks ago and had been doing fine. I was going out 3 times a week, managing 5k in 40 mins (not bad for an old bird! I'm 48); made myself a fab playlist for my iPod and I even fell over during 1 run, but got up and carried on!!

I don't really know what happened or how I lost my mojo? I think on a run night the wine won and it seemed easier to sit in the sun with a glass than go running!!

I just need a few hints and tips and words of encouragement to get me going again.

I've found that since I haven't been running my mood has changed; I'm back to that miserable old cow, that I don't want to be!!

So any help appreciated.

Many thanks.

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They say variety is the spice of life , and varying your runs keeps it interesting :)

Have you tried the C25K+ podcasts stepping stones/stamina and speed ? might be a good starting point . Sign up and try parkrun if you have one local they are just great to mix and run with other peeps all very supportive and encouraging ..

It does depend on where you would like your running to take you setting and having a goal is a great motivator :D


I've been in that situation a couple of times. Each time it took about a month before I eventually ventured out again. That's when I realised that one run is all it takes. One run to realise that while it's hard work, it's not that bad. And after the second you start to remember that it's actually quite pleasant. And after the third you're hooked again.

So the advice is this: stop over thinking it. Just go for a run. Just once. It will maje you feel better.


just pull on your gear, lace up those running shoes and off you go, guarantee you wont feel miserable after your run, though you may feel knackered for a few minutes then wow I did it!


I understand where you're coming from. My gremlins are well out in force today and I can feel myself slipping........and I'm a miserable cow as well this morning! Come on, we can do this. Maybe a short run would help?


This old bird tells your old bird that the hardest part is getting those trainers on and getting out there, then the old magic will come back. Put the wine away in the cupboard with the gremlins, get those trainers ut and remember why you worked so hard to graduate. You say you don't like the way things are, so you know what the solution is to be happy again!

Music does the trick for me - try downloading "rock my run" rockmyrun.com and get ace playlists that give the beats per minute adapted to your speed (either all the same speed of running or varied speeds in the same playlist). I like the oldies rock list. Now off you go and keep us up to date!

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You are allowed to have a break, and a rest is good for the bod, but that's enough now. Come on chuck, get those running shoes on!


I think just go for any kind of a run tho' sometimes going back to a podcast can be quite good. Brings back that sense of achievement when you finish it.


If the mojo has gone missing, you have to get your shoes on and go look for it...


I think you need your graduate badge to remind yourself how hard you worked to get where you are. Put your running gear on and go for a run. I agree about the weather in Kent today-vile! As slow Rob has said mix things up a bit if you can, maybe a parkrun or a running group. Don't stop now, go out and have some fun in the rain x :-)


Been there myself, absolutely couldn't face another step, but forced myself. I would put on my trainers without giving it too much thought and first thing in the a.m. so as not to have time to ponder, and I would tell myself I was just going for 10 mins. But I often went for longer, even though I didn't enjoy a single step I was taking!

But I just kept doing it, trainers on and off I went. Changing route made no difference, it was just sheer gritting of the teeth and eventually my mojo returned.

There's no magic pill, JUST DO IT!


Right there with you at the moment. A few 'bad' runs, exams, courses, commutes to Brum every day... It soon got too much and I just wasn't enjoying my running, sort of felt like a chore. I've not run for a week now, but exam is tomorrow, course finishes today so no more commutes to Brum, so I'm telling myself that Wednesday will be the foray back in to running 3 times a week.

Everyone is right... Trainers on and out the door


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