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1st Post Graduation Muddy Run

I went out with my son last night for my first post graduate run, it was pitch Black, freezing cold and my legs were still tired from my 5k run on Sunday, so I suggested we just take it easy as the pressure to complete a certain time or distance didn't matter, so my son said ok let's just go and have some fun..........well I should of known that his (33 year old) idea of fun and mine might not be quite the same as my 54 year old ideas ......He took me up and down hills and then across a really really muddy field with squishy mud up to my ankles, only being guided by the light from his head-torch. By the time we ran back up and over the hills my shoes weighed a ton,

But do you know what! that was the most fun I have had in ages 3 miles later, covered in mud but with the biggest smile..........I think I am really going to love this running lark

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That sounds like a fantastic run , I'm jealouse ! Wish I had someone to run with like a son , nobody I know runs only my son in law & he's away working . I


I know I am really lucky if it wasn't for my son I wouldn't have started running at all, I have walked the race for life for the last few years, but as my very good friend has cancer I told my family that next year I wanted to run the race for life as my way of supporting her, I expected them to take the mickey but my son just said "Challenge Accepted" and promised he would make a runner out of me, I guess we both got what we needed.

Have you had a look to see if there are any local running groups you could go out with? I am hoping that once I start doing some Parkruns I will make some new running friends and maybe get to go out with them.


I bet your friend is proud of you , supporting her in this way & your son , what a great thing to do . Wishing your friend all the best . Yes I've registered for park run , but not yet entered , work takes up a lot of my weekends , so haven't had chance yet , also not looked into running clubs yet either . Keep having such fun runs


Oh Mummysaurus, don't you just know your having fun when you're covering yourself in mud? Wasn't it always the case when we were little? The muddier the better. Like Rockette I was slightly envious but just reading it made me smile. :)


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