First run in company

We're on holiday in Ireland with friends, a couple and their 10 year old son. Yesterday father, son and me set out for a gentle test run before breakfast to get bread from the local town (which I now know is about 1.8 k away). Along country lanes, rather hilly (hills are my friends). I let the father set the pace as he is out of practice, and had gone pale when I told him my average pace. Good fun, we got a good sweat up, but I was able to talk quite easily (he puffed a bit more) and, of course, son was off like a shot on the way back. Loved it, it was a bit short for my liking and a bit slower than I would normally run. The hills, which seemed to be mostly on the way back, were quite fun actually. And I got back refreshed and raring to go! As I'm 13 years older than my fellow runner, lugged all our shopping and he's feeling quite stiff this morning I'm feeling quite chuffed at these signs of my new-found fitness. Run 2 tomorrow, need to extend it a bit to 5k.


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  • That's fabulous! Bet you felt epic!

  • Oh yes.... go you! Well done!

    Have a lovely rest of holiday... ( father will be a lot fitter by the time you leave :)

  • He's a bit too eager, wants to run every day. So I've told him how important rest days are and am generally being very knowledgeable, thanks to the wonderful Laura and all my friends on here!

  • That is so true... well done! :)

  • Great idea to run on an errand and on vacation. Sounds like a blast.

  • I had my first run in company this morning too! I was nervous about it and it didn't go as well as yours (I was the less fit part of the company) but I kept running and feel ok about it. But I'm hoping that I'm a lot fitter next time I run in anybody's company.

  • You did really well... celebrate your actual run! :)

  • Thanks for saying that, Oldfloss but I'm a bit annoyed by the fact that I was unable to pace myself just because I wasn't alone. Annoyed by the fact that the mere presence of another person interfered that much with my running and my feelings. The whole thing made be very aware of my snailiness ๐ŸŒ and made me focus on speed again instead of pure enjoyment.

    I'm still easy to push out off course, I guess.

    Wednesday I will go for my beloved solitary run - just me and my grey snail friend๐ŸŒ

  • I know exactly what you mean and probably wouldn't have been brave enough if we hadn't compared notes beforehand. He - and his son - are both sore today. We'll see if they come with me tomorrow! And I'm skipping up the Irish hills quite nimbly as well. Really amazing what a few months can do!

  • You... are just a very new Graduate... and this run probably did not come at the best time...

    I think many of us felt a bit, lost, after we graduated and needed time to find our own style and pace and running, happy place...( I am still working on mine ), so, I don't feel you are being pushed off-course... you haven't found that course yet :)

    Find the joy in the journey... and make it your own :)

  • Oh, and enjoy you holiday!

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