Muddy run

Muddy run

Ah! The joys of forward planning :) There I was on a cloudy and breezy morning with my route firmly charted in my mind. The clouds were not so low as to obscure the views of the mountain so all was well in my world. I knew I wasn't going far but I decided to give my water backpack a test run and was happy that I had mastered the art of it not making a sloshing sound with every step. All was going well and I ran over the footbridge to check out this new section of route only to discover a footpath sign! Just couldn't resist, so off I trotted up a very well defined lane to a kissing gate. On the other side a gaggle of curious steers staring and snorting as they do, edging cautiously away as I walked through their midst, waiting for the opportune moment to start running again. Off I set only to hear the skittish footsteps of one of the steers running up behind me and thankfully too shy to continue the chase he turned aside.

And then came the conundrum. Did the footpath really go through the yard of the house standing in front of me? I wandered around to the back wondering if there was a stile into the next field but nothing. Did I turn back or continue on? I cautiously opened the gate and walked right past the front door. Catching the eye of the lady in the kitchen she came out with her husband and I made my apologies and asked about the footpath. It seemed I was a little off course but it was a common mistake apparently and they said I was fine to continue through their yard and on through the fields warning that it would be a bit muddy but please come back if you get lost and I'll drive you to wherever you're going. Oh, and would you like a cup of tea before you continue on your way? What a lovely couple! Anyway, off I trotted with them calling after me 'Are you sure you don't want a cup of tea?' As they said the field was a little muddy but nothing much to speak of in reality until.... the gateway! Soft mud pitted with cattle hoof prints led into a muddy pool that spread a good few yards either side of the gate and being in the bottom corner of the field had obviously collected a substantial amount of water from the previous rainfall. I baulked at just going straight through the middle and glad I did too. I tried to edge around the side but even there the water was well over ankle deep and with every step I could feel the soft mud enclosing my feet and a slooosh as I pulled my foot free as if whispering that it would get my shoe next time! I emerged from the mud (and suspected other!) with great big balls of mud where my feet should be and I couldn't help but laugh out loud. By the time I had crossed the field the weight of it all had fallen away and there I was back out on the road. I'm not sure if it was the rucksack and the muddy legs, or if it was just that everybody's in a good mood today, but every time I came to cross a road I was waved across with a cheery smile. What a lovely run. :D

The photo shows the depth of the muddy water though it had dried off a lot by the time I got home. Halfway up my shins and that was the shallow bit. SOOO glad I didn't just try and plough straight through the middle :D :D


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  • Slourrrp, slourrrrp I can hear you here! Very glad the mud didn't get your shoes hilbean as it sounds a bit of a fight. What a lovely, friendly couple offering you tea like that. Good to know for next time!

    What a lovely post and it sounds a lovely run too. And good job you were wearing long leggings!

  • I loved it! There's nothing quite like the unexpected to put a smile on your face is there. Such lovely people too :)

  • Have you ever read Michael Rosen's 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'? There's a page that goes, "O Oh, mud! Thick oozy Mud! We can't go over it, we can't go under it. Oh no! We've got to go through it. Squelch! Squerch! Squelch! Squerch! Squelch! Squerch!

    You look like you went on a bear hunt today πŸ˜„

  • Oh how wonderful. Hadn't even thought of that. My kids loved that book! Found this especially for you :)

  • I was doing We're Going On A Bear Hunt with KS1 in music this afternoon. We were making all the sounds with untuned percussion instruments. It's amazing what sound effects you can get from a couple of maracas, a cabassa and some bongos, lol x πŸ˜„

  • Brilliant :D

  • Oh, I love this. I gave my daughter a "We're going on a bear hunt" birthday party and I don't know who had more fun - me or the kids ☺

  • Wow, serious mud that! Once you get past the point where you can't avoid it, it's a good laugh isn't it.

    Actual floods round here so I shall need to plan tomorrow's route carefully!

  • It certainly is! :D

    Good luck with your route planning and hope the flooding isn't too serious!

  • Outrageous, bet u giggled a bit, I did when I was slipping and sliding the other day. I have decided to stick to firm ground for the winter in case I slip over completely. How will u clean ur trainers??

  • Ah! It brings out the inner child in us doesn't it :D

    As to cleaning the trainers I shall just let them dry out and bang them together to get rid of the worst of it. Not too sure if they will smell of cattle mud if you get my drift but if they do I shall just hose them down with water and let them dry out again ;)

  • That's what I do, a sponge down gets most of it off, don't want to abuse my shoes in the washing machine, still giggle when I think about my run in the mud! My Mum wouldn't have allowed it but I'm 52, do what I want 😊

  • Well at 55 I can do what I want too but I think my Mum probably despaired of me when it came down to getting muddy. It only got worse when I started caving in my teens lol :D

  • Fab post, and yes I agree, mud brings out the child in us. I smile when I squelch through it too!

  • Lovely post Hilbean ! Enjoyed the read x

  • I love your posts. 😊 Muddy runs are always the most fun.

  • What a lovely post Hilly ! I love reading them :-)

    It made me laugh when you wrote you had big balls of mud where your feet should be ha ha ! :-)

    And what a nice couple that was , offering you a cuppa tea ! :-) xxx

  • What a fantastic adventure you had! Personally I wouldn't have even got past the cattle. The sheep I run through already freak me out ☺

    It is really muddy at the moment - I was squelching out a tune when running on Sunday. When my legs were starting to tire after only 3 or 4 kilometres I realised that I ought to adjust my pace for the conditions ☺

    Keep enjoying your running and please continue to share .....

  • What a fabulous run! Almost fun, actually Big Fun! When I was a schoolgirl the muddiest hockey games were far and away the best fun! And there was a team tea after!! What a lovely couple, you'll have to time your run to finish there and remember to take some cake with you!

  • mud mud glorious mud, loved reading this. Made me think of that scene in The Vicar of Dibley and "that muddy puddle" ! I love seeking out new routes and pathways and skidding about ha ha! ......not a fan of cleaning shoes though ...... :)

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