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I was starting to get discouraged by all the sub-30 minute times people were posting for their Park Runs. Until I discovered.... not Smirnoff (discovered that years go) but this site It takes your actual time and converts it into what it would have been if you were actually a 25 year old man (God forbid) . Apparently if that were the case my time for 5K would have been around 25 minutes instead of the rather pathetic 40 plus minutes it actually was. That's great. I feel so much better. Highly recommended inspirational site for those of us on the wrong side of 50 ;-)


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  • The site didn't display properly. You have to add 'age-graded-calculator' after /tools/ Don't know why it censors it when I put up the whole site.

  • It is there. Click on 'age related' on left hand side - blimey, it makes a difference!

  • :-) Aren't we fast!

  • Or old! LOL

  • Oh that is good. 32 minutes. Don't think that is ever going to happen in real life. I should have started running 40 years ago!

  • Oh I like this one. I guess when I can run 5km my time might not be so bad hehe.

  • Thanks for this! Really puts things into perspective! Feeling much better about my pace now.

  • OMG OMG love this site Drum role please..........

    According to calculation my time for parkrun would 'really' have been 29.59 !!! Yes 1 second under 30mins Now can't wait for

    birthday in feb because time would have been 25. Secs faster Maybe getting bit carried away here But does show how well we are all doing Thanks turn turtle

  • Can't wait to look! Thanks for posting that. I don't seem to be able to improve much on time just stamina! Can run now for an hour if I take it steady. When I try to improve speed it takes the enjoyment away.

  • When you do a Park run you can also click to see the age-graded results each week. Amazingly the top one last week (beating all the fit young men) was a 'VW 75-79' in Cambridge who scored 93.44% and completed the 5K in 26.55 mins (real time). Still a bit of a way for me to go then!

  • Love this!

  • Well done you did it!, I didn't go for a variety of excuses! W8r1 done tonight have swapped time target for distance (2.75m this week) , so far so good :) I can include the brisk warm up walk can't i....?! Lol (= 4.5k in 42 mins) parkrun 13/12/13 in Cambridge planned as visiting family. Which is your local?

  • Hi Sallyal. I did W8r1 yesterday and was much slower than during the Parkrun so I think that however discouraged I felt for most of it there must have been some adrenaline rush that made me run a bit faster than normal. My local run is York but I too am going to do another one on 13/12/13, this time in Finsbury Park as my son lives in London and he and his wife are going to run it 'with' me again. Finsbury Park was my first one. Its quite hilly, but there are a lot of trees so at least you can't see how far ahead of you everyone else is. I don't want them to stay back for me but it will be quite nice if they retrace their steps and run with me for the last 500 metres. That bit at the end is hard otherwise.

  • I was a spectator at a 5k park run race today, what really amazed me were two races, one a 1k and another the main 5k race, in the 1k race a girl of about 11 years of age was the winner with a great time of 3 minutes 8 seconds which is according to that runner's world. com site " a world record", not sure about that but nevertheless a pretty good time for a youngster that age.

    The main 5k race was won in 18 minutes by a man about 25 years of age but what astonished me was another 11-year-old girl running the 5k in under 30 minutes, I think her time was 28m 30secs. which again is remarkable for a girl that age. Just shows how talented some young people are a running nowadays.

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