Well I did it wk5r3 - does anyone else find the last few minutes a real struggle?

So after the whole debate of shall I repeat run 2 of this week I decided that actually I would give run 3 a try.

I thought I was going to have to abandon the attempt early on has my knee was giving me some issues, but I realised I was heal striking rather than ball striking - I don't know about anyone else but googling around suggested heel striking is about the worst thing you can do if you have bad knees and I know that it's certainly easier if I concentrate and don't do it. In fact I was actually a little shocked when early on in the program we were told to heel strike.

Anyway off I went:

5 minutes woohoo but I totally knew I could do that

10 minutes yay

15 minutes I'm running

And then I get told 2 minutes to go and that's when I hit my wall - I did keep going. But I feel I would have been fine if I hadn't had the 2 minute warning.

I know a lot of people seem to struggle at the start but I never do it's the end. Does anyone else get that? It's the whole being told I am so close and my brain just decides it time to stop it's like it's saying 'we must stop now, what are you doing why are you still running ... ' but keep running I do.

20 minutes running take that M.E, wonky joints and chronic back pain.

It also feels great to have completed a week actually in a week - thank you broken body for not throwing any major hissy fits

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  • Thank you

  • Fantastic completing W5, well done! I used to find it hard when Laura said just 2 minutes to go or 1 minute or whatever. I feel I could have gone a lot longer if she didn't say that towards the end. Now, I find the first five or ten minutes a struggle but settle into it after that, and without Laura, which has its good and bad points. Take care with your joints and enjoy your running. x

  • Thank you

  • Well done on completing week 5 - it's not easy and you have other things to overcome as well. Have a nice rest and start your week 6 when you feel ready. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Thank you

  • So glad you are managing so well. I guess we're all different in what we find difficult about the sessions....I think I fit into the same one as you, the endings feel quite tortuous, but, having said that, love the five minute warm down walk when my knees and breathing can gradually recover! Suppose it's a bit of a no pain, no gain philosophy....all good wishes to you in your endeavours!

  • Thank you

  • I completed W5R3 today and found the last two minutes really tough. I think I was expecting Laura to tell me one minute left so two felt such a long time. I'm thrilled to have completed it though, I really didn't think I would. The first time I did C25K I failed on my first W5R3 attempt.

  • Thank you. I set off with the I can do it attitude and seems to be working.

    Congrats on completing it for a second time

  • well done you!!! am facing the challenge on tuesday! hope i do as well as you have!!! :)

  • Thank you. Fingers crossed it goes well for you today

  • I completely agree with you about the two minute warning...I would have much prefered a one minute warning as usual.

    I always feel great at the start of the run and finding that throughout the weeks the great feeling lasts longer and longer but I too struggle during the later half of the podcasts rather than the start. A lot of posts talk about how they mentally powered through or how once they passed the first x minutes they could just keep going and going, not so many talk about the struggles. After 15 minutes my breathing goes from controlled to very heavy short but deep braeths to try and get as much air in my lungs as possible...I get aches behind my knees (which have always been troublesome) to the point where sometimes I feel like they are going to give way.

    It is tough but I'm hoping that the physical side will catch up soon with my determination!!!

    Good luck with week 6! I'm planning on repeating this run a couple of times before I start. Hopefully on week 6 by Friday.

  • I think for me it's more of a mental barrier at the end which is triggered by being told I'm almost done! I'm taking an extra long rest. Thinking I might be embarking on week 6 on Friday - I am actually really grumpy that I can't go out and it feels totally mad

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