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Gender-based age-graded 5k target times (yet more good news for the ladies)

Recently I produced a table of 5k target times for different age groups that were the age-graded equivalent of a 25 year old doing 5k in 30 minutes. This was based on the calculator at

I have since realised that the times I produced are still unfair on the ladies as the start point (5k in 30 mins at 25 years) is itself relatively more difficult for a woman than a man.

30 mins is 2.32 times as long as the world record for a 25 year old male athlete but only 2.02 times as long as the WR for a 25 year old woman. To be the same as the men's target of 2.32 times the WR the women's target time at 25 years should be 34:20 and not 30:00.

The alternative way of looking at it is that the 30 yr old ladies time stays at 30 mins and the men's is adjusted down to be only 2.02 times the 25 yr old men's WR - ie 26:09

I am more than happy to redo the calculations either way but I would like to hear which way people think I should go - extend the ladies times or reduce the men's ?

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As a female running at 34min 5k I'm going to shout extend but I guess either way is valid. May be worth doing both if you want some time to kill, that way a female could compare themselves to a male running a 30min mile and vice versa. Guessing you have a love for numbers and stats :)


Oh do extend them, please!!!! :)


I like to be extended if that means I do well, but I'm not sure I understand, being a lady and all that!!...


What about for a 50 year old woman ?


See my other post. And add 4 mins if the consensus is to extend the women's time ...


Oh check me out: My age graded time is 25 mins 53 seconds! Sometimes it's good to be a 51 year old woman!


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