W5R3 - accidentally (and unbelievably) ran for 30 minutes instead of 20! Keep going or jump to end?????

Hello from sunny and cold Western Australia. Love this forum but this is the first time I've posted. Anyway been keeping a close watch on how everyone else did on Week 5 as I was quite nervous about jumping from an 8 minute run to the full 20 minutes. However I prepared and set off in a sunny but very cold morning (6 degrees) today to get it over with and at 6 minutes of running my phone died! I had no back up so kept running until I thought it would be about 20 minutes. As luck would have it my sister who was doing walking laps with her dogs at the park had set her timer on me as well (bless her!) and we discovered that I'd actually run for 30 minutes! I'm absolutely thrilled even though I was very slow but I did it. Now I don't know whether to jump ahead or keep going with W6? Anybody got any advice? Also, what is it that is hard about W6? Everybody keeps saying it can catch you out - and I haven't quite figured out why this would be if you've already run 20 minutes? Would appreciate any feedback if anybody has any ideas. Thanks in Advance!


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13 Replies

  • Personally I would keep going with week six. The program is set up to help your muscles and joints build while you make small Increases of time over the next few weeks. You could very easily end up with an injury without the time. Great that you ran 30 min though.

  • Yes that's a good point - no guarantees that I won't pull up sore from this one anyway. I think I'm just on a high about the time but if I put my sensible hat on - it would be best to keep going. Cheers!

  • Would have to agree, it's fantastic that you managed 30 mins but I would carry on from week 6 you still need to build up the endurance side of your fitness, I think wk6 seems hard for a lot of us because you start to do longer runs on all three days and this is quite a step up from the shorter intervals with walk breaks, it can be a lot of stress on newly developed muscles

  • Congratulations and welcome. I would suggest you find out for yourself what is hard about W6 and continue with the training through W9. As RFC says, building up your muscles and stamina are part of the training and slow and steady is the (very wise) C25k mantra. I can understand your elation and excitement, but curb that enthusiasm and take it steady. That said, C25k is just a plan and some take longer, while others can shorten it. I remember thinking about jumping on a couple of weeks at the start of the programme, but decided that my arrogance needed suppressing, because the folk who constructed C25k know more about running than I did.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for your replies. W6 it is then. I hope I didn't sound arrogant! Elated yes. The C25K programme has been a wonderful confidence booster in helping me get my mojo back (post babies!). That's been a long time coming and I am riding on a high from it generally but especially today. This forum is great and I appreciate your input.

  • Yes, you have run 30. But had you run 20, next weeks intervals would have had you both extending your time to 25, and building your speed a bit.

    That you already know you can do 30 at this pace means you can concentrate on improving your pace during the rest of the program. You may be one of the few to do the double goal graduation, meeting both the 30 minutes and the 5K!

  • Thanks Nilzed. Pace is interesting - I'm pretty slow but usually I feel stronger around the mid way point of all the runs so far and then I taper (sp?) off again towards the end. I find that picking my knees up a bit takes the pressure of my ankles which ache a bit when I'm really slow. I'm always worried that I'll run out of breath so I don't push it too much. I guess this is all learning about how your body is going to respond and you're right now I know I can do the time I can think about this a bit more. Thanks for taking the time to post.

  • From a fellow runner in WA....who was also out this morning in the chilly weather (just outside Bunbury.....where are you?) I would definetely stick with the plan....it's helping you build strength & stamina and in turn this will help you to continue building on your running distances. I'm a recent graduate and I still remember week 6 being difficult-between a European holiday, picking up a cold and jet lag it took me about 3 weeks to achieve all that week 6 involved! Great to hear you are doing so well and enjoying yourself.......happy running.

  • Hi amberc thanks for the reply. I live in bassendean and did this run on the kings meadow polo field in guildford. Stuck with plan and i completed w6 r2 tonight. We are on hols in queenstown nz now and its hilly and chilly here!! I totally agree re building strength and endurance.

  • Well done Adelaide, you sound like you are making good progress, I envy your trip to NZ......I'd love to see the scenery, however I don't think id be much good running those hills/mountains......ooh and that cold weather.......just thinking about it makes me shiver! You're not missing anything here......just a few storms: lots of rain & strong winds! I know Bassendean, one of my friends Mum lives there....nice spot. Good luck for your next run, and as they say happy running.

  • Glad you decided to stick to the programme.

    Running 30 minutes once is ok, but you will be tired tomorrow and might struggle with the next run. An extra day rest would be a good idea.

  • Thanks Ff. Took extra day to rest up and glad i did as legs were not sore but def tired after.

  • Excellent what a great 'mistake' to make, quite funny, but you must feel quite pleased with yourself. Personally I would stick the plan for all the reasons listed above. It should be a breeze for you now.

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