Mid life crisis? Who cares, I've Graduated ;-)

WOW - still panting...... I needed to get this post out.

It's been 9 weeks, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it all. I wasn't obese, but was gradually getting less fit and putting weight on. I was also conscious that when I've tried running previously I've always injured my knee and stopped (or had I!).

I reckon I could have started at week 4, but due to previous injuries decided to start from scratch and build up.

Some random thoughts:

Lessons learnt

Don't go running after a steak, or for about 4 hours afterwards

Wokingham council don't repair streetlights

Laces can make all the difference with comfort of shoes. I have the bottom laces relatively slack, but upper ones quite tight

Shoes - I'm very glad I had Gait Analysis at Sweatshop. I could have paid less for a generic pair of shoes, but for a little extra I have the perfect shoe (and not the most expensive one)


Tripped twice on dark roads which shouldn't have been dark (Thanks Wokingham Council)

Knees - I'm not convinced I ever had a knee injury in the past. I had sore knees, and took Glucosamine for two weeks. I also did the NHS Knee Exercises - I stopped the tablets and my knees are fine. These knee exercises are fantastic, and I use them for my warm up

Tendons? At least I think they're my tendons.... Just below my calves, my right one ached for a few days a couple of times.


I haven't consciously changed too much of what I eat, but have noticed differences:

A bottle of water instead of coffee

A banana instead of crisps

I've lost half a stone - this is a shocker, especially considering I wasn't pushed until week 4 or 5.


Justin - My Mr Motivator ;-) a 15 minute chat over lunch and you subliminally convinced I needed to do something, and that C25K should be it. I'm a changed man thanks to you, and I've even joined a gym.

Wife - Thanks for not believing in me when we were in Sweatshop. I know you believe now xxx

Laura - Your Podcasts are great, ignore others comments on the music it's not that bad. Week 9 is the best!

You guys - I haven't been active here, but have read a lot of posts. It wouldn't be fair to single people out.

Whats next

Order my graduation badge

I've downloaded a Bridge to 10K app and downloaded some running playlists on Spotify.

I'm going to start using the Gym I joined last week - Induction on Friday. I am worried it's going to get in the way of the running though.

Challenges - I've planned 5K, 10K and a crazy looking mud run for my 42nd Birthday. I have a mate suggesting the Great North Run, I'm not sure yet.... And a Parkrun tour with colleagues from work.

A bottle of wine - well deserved I think ;-)

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  • Congratulations matp, enjoy the wine

  • Congrats. Some handy hints there

  • Well done Loved your post

  • Congratulations on graduating!

    I've asked Santa for a ticket for the local mud run thingy (actually the season ticket), they look like so much fun, maybe not the March one, but the June one will be!

  • Thanks all.

    I know what you mean - thankfully my birthday is in June ;-)


    I suspect I'll go for the 5K option.

  • Ha ha great post and very well done.

  • What a great post! Congratulations on your graduation!

  • Brilliant post. Congratulations. Will try the NHS knee exercises on your recommendation. Here's to middle aged runners!

  • What a brilliant post!

    What Nhs knee exercises?..........x

  • That sounds like another satisfied customer. Congratulations. As for mid life crisis, that is what my kids thought about my running, but they decided on reflection that it wasn't a bad one to have.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • The knee exercises are here:


    In the early days they seemed overkill.

    I thought afterwards, the two tendon injuries were on runs when I didn't do the exercises and rushed out. Could be related?

    Thanks to everyone for the congrats - this is a great forum ;-)

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