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Mid life crisis? Who cares, I've Graduated ;-)

WOW - still panting...... I needed to get this post out.

It's been 9 weeks, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it all. I wasn't obese, but was gradually getting less fit and putting weight on. I was also conscious that when I've tried running previously I've always injured my knee and stopped (or had I!).

I reckon I could have started at week 4, but due to previous injuries decided to start from scratch and build up.

Some random thoughts:

Lessons learnt

Don't go running after a steak, or for about 4 hours afterwards

Wokingham council don't repair streetlights

Laces can make all the difference with comfort of shoes. I have the bottom laces relatively slack, but upper ones quite tight

Shoes - I'm very glad I had Gait Analysis at Sweatshop. I could have paid less for a generic pair of shoes, but for a little extra I have the perfect shoe (and not the most expensive one)


Tripped twice on dark roads which shouldn't have been dark (Thanks Wokingham Council)

Knees - I'm not convinced I ever had a knee injury in the past. I had sore knees, and took Glucosamine for two weeks. I also did the NHS Knee Exercises - I stopped the tablets and my knees are fine. These knee exercises are fantastic, and I use them for my warm up

Tendons? At least I think they're my tendons.... Just below my calves, my right one ached for a few days a couple of times.


I haven't consciously changed too much of what I eat, but have noticed differences:

A bottle of water instead of coffee

A banana instead of crisps

I've lost half a stone - this is a shocker, especially considering I wasn't pushed until week 4 or 5.


Justin - My Mr Motivator ;-) a 15 minute chat over lunch and you subliminally convinced I needed to do something, and that C25K should be it. I'm a changed man thanks to you, and I've even joined a gym.

Wife - Thanks for not believing in me when we were in Sweatshop. I know you believe now xxx

Laura - Your Podcasts are great, ignore others comments on the music it's not that bad. Week 9 is the best!

You guys - I haven't been active here, but have read a lot of posts. It wouldn't be fair to single people out.

Whats next

Order my graduation badge

I've downloaded a Bridge to 10K app and downloaded some running playlists on Spotify.

I'm going to start using the Gym I joined last week - Induction on Friday. I am worried it's going to get in the way of the running though.

Challenges - I've planned 5K, 10K and a crazy looking mud run for my 42nd Birthday. I have a mate suggesting the Great North Run, I'm not sure yet.... And a Parkrun tour with colleagues from work.

A bottle of wine - well deserved I think ;-)

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Congratulations matp, enjoy the wine


Congrats. Some handy hints there


Well done Loved your post


Congratulations on graduating!

I've asked Santa for a ticket for the local mud run thingy (actually the season ticket), they look like so much fun, maybe not the March one, but the June one will be!


Thanks all.

I know what you mean - thankfully my birthday is in June ;-)

I suspect I'll go for the 5K option.


Ha ha great post and very well done.


What a great post! Congratulations on your graduation!


Brilliant post. Congratulations. Will try the NHS knee exercises on your recommendation. Here's to middle aged runners!


What a brilliant post!

What Nhs knee exercises?..........x


That sounds like another satisfied customer. Congratulations. As for mid life crisis, that is what my kids thought about my running, but they decided on reflection that it wasn't a bad one to have.

Keep running, keep smiling.


The knee exercises are here:

In the early days they seemed overkill.

I thought afterwards, the two tendon injuries were on runs when I didn't do the exercises and rushed out. Could be related?

Thanks to everyone for the congrats - this is a great forum ;-)


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