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is this a mid-life crisis? (at 48)

As I started my second day of week one this morning I found myself thinking -

'Is this a mid-life crisis thing'.

I knew what was coming and was not looking forward to it. The pain in my foot is still there from day one, and my legs were hurting, the first four 'runs' were painful and I had to focus on the music and ignore the pain.

I decided to not try to run, but do more of a jog, and this seemed to work. after day one I wanted to see how to measure my distance etc. so downloaded 'runkeeper' on to my phone and took it with me. So here it is, I covered 3.54km in 32 minutes, burnt off 280 calories and had an average pace of 9:05 MIN / KM. I felt good after the run, although I will probable need to get a better pair of running shoes if I am to keep this up.

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Yes, get some good shoes as it will help a lot. If you do though get yourself some good socks as this also makes a difference. Going slower is the way forward, you can always speed up when you get fitter. The important thing is to keep at it.Well done.


Well running shoes are cheaper than a sports car and a lot cooler.


I also think good running shoes are a fantastic motivator. I had gait analysis and bought new running shoes from Sweatshop ( highly recommended by the way). I spent £100 and now I daren't pack the running in as I need to get to my money's worth lol. As for mid life crisis, I'm the same age as you alcopop and so what if it is, I can think of far worse ways to have one!


Well done for getting started. As has been said getting some good shoes (with a gait analysis if possible) will pay dividends and using running socks may just take the pain out of your feet.

Don't worry about speed at this stage, in fact probably slow down for the first few runs at least to give your body a chance to take in what you're asking it to do all of a sudden :-)

Just follow the plan and listen to Laura, if you've downloaded her, and you should be fine.


Best way to sort out your feet is probably to slow down until the joints and ligaments have got used to the new stresses and strains (and maybe look up stuff about running form - eg Born to Run, Chi Running, Gordon Pirie's online book I mentioned in another thread today). Comfortable shoes definitely help, but they don't necessarily have to be expensive and hugely padded.

And I'd agree with saruma re midlife crisis. Who cares what label it has, if it ends up making you healthier! But it really doesn't have to be painful to be good for you. :)


:-) Why, yes! I think it is! For me, anyways! ;-) I started at 49.5 with no running experience and hope to run my first 10K well before my 50th in May. As mabbers said, all of this is cheaper then a sports car! I just thought of something...I wish I would of known about C25K before I talked my hubby into our Mustang Convertible this past year! Not really, I love it! I hope the new trainers help with the foot pain and sending you well wishes! Gayle


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