Gait analysis ✓ New shoes ✓ w8r1 ✓ Feeling awesome ✓✓

Just got out of the shower after doing w8r1 and I am feeling amazing -creamcrackered but amazing. After all the worry I've had with the ancient knees I had gait analysis yesterday at the fabulous Sweatshop and I cannot praise them highly enough for their professionalism and attention to detail. Turns out I have an "enviably" neutral gait so my old shoes were fine but the video showed they weren't supporting my heels properly. The upshot was shiny new shoes and a fab run this morning! The ancient knees seem to be behaving themselves remarkably well and I'm on top of the world! Just one thing- who is this Julie woman?? Happy running folks xx

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  • Congrats on wk 8 r1. Just completed same run this morn too. bought new shoes last wk and completed wk7 r3 wearing them and I felt as if I was running on air.

  • I know the feeling. Great isn't it! Good luck with your graduation week x

  • That's fantastic, sounds like you have everything sorted! Sweatshop are good, I had a 30 day guarantee too, so I could exchange if my new shoes were not for me, assume you have that too? Good luck with the running- nearly there now! x

  • Thank you no-excuse. Yes, I got the 30 day guarantee too but don't think I'm going to need it! xx

  • Yay for new shoes.

    Oh god I still have to get through the Julie song another three times, catchy isn't it. I'm hoping that I will be able to start week 8 tomorrow, ankle is all good, raring to go just girly ickyness standing in my way :(

  • Hey Spoonierunning, so glad the ankle is good to go again- this injury business is a right pain (literally and metaphorically) Yes, the dreaded Julie is buzzing round my brain in a constant loop like a demented wasp but at least the w8 music is better than Laura's offerings for w7. As for 'girly ickyness' can't help feeling you're displaying a very stiff upper lip in the face of adversity so very very good luck for tomorrow and w8 xx

  • My high school gym teacher *shudders at the painful memories of yester year* would be pushing me out the door saying a little exercise and the pain will go away (I am still not convinced she was human. I mean this was the woman that gave me detention for no gym kit, I had no gym kit because there was a letter from my hospital consultant stating I wasn't allowed to take part in any PE, ironically because of the very ankle that I rolled the other day). Still I haven't felt like passing out so that's an improvement :D

    W8 musical offering definitely much better than W7, though I fear the podcasts have lowered my musical expectations as dare I say it, I liked some of the Eurovision offerings last night *hangs head in shame*.

  • Oh you do make me laugh Spoonierunning, and seethe with rage. What was it with those PE teachers and their sadistic approach to teenage girls? I always hated PE because my eyesight is terrible so my hand to eye coordination is rubbish. No one ever suggested perhaps I could be good at something that didn't involve balls and racquets. Hence no sport of any kind until the amazing C25k. Wish I'd started running years ago! Still, we're showing them now!!

    Sadly, I fear you're right in your diagnosis of irreparable musical taste damage from listening to the podcasts. We're doomed! xx

  • Fancy new shoes and a great start to week eight: go you and your ancient knees! :-) Well done, sounds like you had a blast this morning! I'm yet to be introduced to Julie, being a few runs behind you, but I'm most intrigued as she seems to be legendary here!

  • Hey M-Y, yes what a difference new shoes make. Had such a fab run I'm thinking of following in your footsteps and signing up for the Roundhay Park run in November. Only the 5k though not the 10, so I expect to see you blasting past me, leaving a trail of flames in your wake. As for Julie, you're going to love her, especially when she's doing circuits round your brain for hours and hours and hours..... xx

  • Oh yes, definitely do! The way I looked at it is that it's a good enough distance away to be properly prepared for and also great motivation. And that medal! Go for it! :-) Go for it and I shall see you and your ancient knees there! It's whether or not the event is ready for Club C25K though, that's the question! :-P

    I'm very curious about Julie now, and am looking forward to meeting her! x

  • To be honest, who could resist the medal? A great cause and that medal, it's just got to be done, ancient knees or not! Roundhay Park watch out, Club C25k are coming to get you. See you there!

  • Oh I know, it's great! As soon as I saw it I thought "I want!". I have a feeling there will be a good few C25Kers wanting one. I shall see you there! :-)

  • You will love Julie

  • Heavens, Julie, I have been wondering about the relationship as I run and Lucy too. I think we need to be told.

  • Quite right too. Come on Laura, spill the beans, we need to be told! x

  • If you're all following Laura's C25k podcasts you should have bumped into Julie early on. "You and Julie, you and Julie! You got me begging on my knees, I'm past the point of saying please" ............. oh it's a classic! LOL

    Oh forgot to ask Ancient One, what shoes d'yer get? C'mon, c'mon SPILL!

  • Hey MissW, I replied to you earlier but in the wrong place -I seem to do that a lot on here. My new shoes aren't called Montezuma's Revenge after all, they're called Mizuno Wave Rider17. I think, on reflection, I prefer Montezuma's Revenge though. It makes them sound mean and not to be messed with. Look out 5k, my shoes are coming to eat you up! xx

  • Think I must have missed Julie earlier on in the podcasts m'dear (music obviously drowned out by loud gasping from yours truly)

    The new shoes are called Montezuma's Revenge or something like that. I didn't keep the box so I can't remember. Suffice it to say they're as ugly as anything, with yellow laces and purple bits but, to my ancient knees, they're beautiful. I'll find a link and post it after I've got back from doing AncientDad's cricket teas xx

  • Great news - I'm so glad you got it sorted & well behaved knees too - bonus :)

  • Thank you LSB. Fngers crossed the ancient knees will feel sufficiently cosseted in the new shoes to behave from now on. x

  • very well done...and very sensible decision, they will serve you well...

  • Cheers m'dear. I'm still feeling ever so slightly awesome from this morning and very very happy with my beautiful ugly new shoes x

  • Well done on your first run of week 8 and you must feel so much better for the new shoes. As you've discovered, they make a huge difference for the better. As I recall, you will get to know Julie really well between now and graduation as she pops up almost all the time now. Enjoy your new shoes, good luck with your next run and very best wishes.

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