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Mid-life crisis


I'm about to turn 43 & in a recent restructure at work was 're-graded' - that's a pretty word for being downgraded.

It's prompted something of a mini mid life crisis - my pride' s been knocked and for a little while I thought "I'm past it... and all my hard work was for nowt. I'm right back where I started".

You can put the violins away - in a way it's been good for me.

See, I was getting TOO focussed on my career - planning, working early and late..... and I was stressed to hell.

I haven't got a career any more. I have a job. Which made me think what I need to get is a life! So I'm doing the usual - spending more time and attention with my kid, getting on top of my finances (no choice there, with the drop in salary!), updating my wardrobe (it turns out there are alternatives to jeans and t-shirts...crikey) AND STARTING COUCH TO 5 k.

I've just finished week 3 .

Week 1 was much harder than I expected and my quads really protested! Week 2 not much better.

I've found Week 3 easy. Paced myself better. No leg pain - and I added a wee bit extra running at the end just because I felt like I could do it.

Tomorrow I start Week 4 and I confess I'm a bit nervous - suspect this is where it will start to be hard work!

Still I'm surprised by 2 things.

1) I can do it. Middle aged and a bit fat but I can still do it. Go me!

2) I enjoy it. Unexpected bonus, or what?!

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well can be so very hard sometimes can't it?? I'm nearly 43 too and doing this has given me back the feeling of being alive. I so feel for you re work, that is hard, but you are right, it is indeed just a means to an end and we have to have so much more than just work in life. Good will do well I'm sure, Julia


Heck i can relate to that. I was hit with redundancy after 8 years hard work at a place where i thought i had a promising career ahead of me. Things have a way of working out though. Work to live, don't live to work is my new motto. Good luck with the rest of the C25K ;0)


That is a great blog, I hit mine at age 48 and decided life was for enjoying and not stressing, I love my running now, I am healthier, have more time for my family (as I now have the energy)

This program will make sure you are prepared for the next stage, you will also lose a bit if the middle age spread as well :-)

Good luck with the running and I hope you feel happier with your new found outlook. :-)


You can do it! Quite a life changing mind set to realise your job is a job nor a career - does not mean you are any less conscientious in your work just means you take less baggage home! Keep going. Enjoy the structure of the plan and the revitalisation of the wardrobe!


Good for careful not to overdo it..the programme is so structured and takes into account different levels. At 43, you are a spring chicken.....and it sounds to me you are on course for a better life...ENJOY x


Good on you for looking on the 'restructuring' so positively and doing something as positive as the couch to 5k program! Keep up the good work! Hope it all works out for you.


My position was eliminated after 16 years of working my way up to a top management position and it was the best thing that happened to me. In time, I'm sure you'll feel the same. I realized that somehow I had allowed that "job" to become my identity. Now, 17 years later, I no longer allow my life to be defined by work and I've been enjoying life much more.

I too had a similar experience with the C25K... Week 1 and 2 were awful, week 3 got a little better, and I actually found the rest was much more manageable than I expected. I am now running +/- 3 miles three or four times a week and training for my first real 5K, which is coming up in a few weeks. And, at 50, I'm feeling like a new man!

Enjoy the journey!


It's reassuring for me to know that there are quite a few other people in the same position as me, in that they are realising that health and family are more important than work. Running and exercise in general has really helped me recently. If you're interested, Radio 5 Live did a podcast recently with Ronnie O'Sullivan on how he uses running to keep his demons at bay. I also found dipping into "Zen and the Art of Running" by Larry Shapiro quite useful.


Thanks everyone - they've lovely comments. It's great to hear from people who've been through similar circumstances and survived!


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