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Gait analysis in Exeter?

I've managed to get as far as the end of week 4 (amazed myself - I'm 56 year and never been running before!) using my Hi Tec Silver Shadows, but I reckon it's time for a gait analysis and some proper running shoes.

The Hi Tecs are comfortable, and seem to work pretty well on the surface I run on: round the edge of a grassy field which slopes gently by about 20m from bottom to top. But after W4 R3 I've noticed the fronts of both shins are a bit sore, from the ankle up to about a third of the way to the knee.

There seem to be 3 places in Exeter that do gait analysis: Ironbridge Runner; Sweatshop and Runnersneed. I'd be very grateful if anyone has experience of these (or anywhere else I've missed)

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I can definitely recommend Sweatshop, I don't know about the other two though. It sounds like you're making great progress so far, so proper running shoes are probably in order. Good luck with your continuing efforts and W5.


i would recomment sweatshop also :D


I also recommend ice pack on shins after you run :)


Ah, Hi Tec Silver Shadows, that's exactly what I started running in! About half way through c25k I got my gait analysed (but in Marlow I'm afraid and at an independent running shop - so not much help to you) and ended up with some nice shiny Brooks Defyance 7's. Good luck with the running, but be careful of running exactly the same routes, or way round the field. I suffered from shin splints about 3-4 months from starting and much of it seemed to be because of going around exactly the same route and even the same side of the road! Also, I pay particular attention to stretching out my calves before and after each run.


Thanks folks for the recommendations and advice. I'll be off to Sweatshop soon!

I have to admit I haven't been stretching after my runs: I'm combining C25k with the Strenth & Flexibility podcasts (also narrated by Laura) on alternate days, and these include lots of stretches which I thought would be enough. I guess I need to do the calves, thighs & hamstrings after the run as well.

Varying the route a bit sounds like a good idea. I always tend to go clockwise, and time it so I do the uphill bits during the walking (not that there's much of that from here on in....)

On to week 5 tomorrow - slight trepidation, especially for the 20 minute run 3


Well done for getting to W4, philipc. I started c25k at age 57 and it has transformed my life.

I live in Crediton and as I understand it, Exeter Sweatshop is a Nike only outlet, which severely limits the choice of shoe they can offer you. I have had Ironbridge Runner recommended as a good independent shop. Go Outdoors also do gait analysis, I believe. I bought trail shoes from Runnersneed and was not very impressed by the knowledge of the young lady who served me although the manageress, who is well qualified was not in store at the time. I have never had gait analysis as I run off road, but have been considering getting it done as I find myself forced onto the roads more in the winter months and could do with some road shoes. I would be interested in hearing how you get on with your quest.

Stretching after a run is essential in my book, especially for us older geezers who are not as flexible as we used to be nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

Good luck with your shoe search and wonderful, life affirming Week 5.


Thanks Ian, that's really helpful. I rang Exeter Sweatshop and you're right, they only sell Nike. I'll give Runnersneed a try. Ironbridge runner looks like a good independent (and they've got a link to Laura's c25k video!) but this afternoon their phoneline's dead, and there are mixed reviews on their facebook page.

W5R1 done this morning - glad I did it then as it's snowing now!


Hi - I went to Sweatshop (in Norwich) after week 4. They were excellent. I am 55 and never been able to run before - always hated cross country at school. Had been having swollen knees after 'running' but after getting new shoes and gait analysis I haven't had a problem at all with wk 5 - even the big 20 mins - wasn't quite a breeze but certainly not the nightmare one dreams of. Shoes, shoes, shoes - better to spend the money and enable yourself to keep going than risk injury. Also, I have religiously from day 1, done the 'how to stretch after running' exercises and never had a problem - I do them immediately I get in whilst the muscles are warm. Good luck


I'm now the proud owner of a pair of Saucony Guide 8s, and have been wearing them since week 5. They've got me as far as W7R1 which I did today.

I was impressed by RunnersNeed in Exeter. The manager, Caroline, was just on her way out taking a group on a run, but the chap she left me with seemed to know his stuff.

He put me on the treadmill in a pair of neutral shoes first, and showed me the video with my ankles at about a 45 degree angle to my calves. He recommended the Saucony Guide 8s based on my weight, width of feet and degree of pronation which he said was mild to moderate. On the treadmill, the video showed my ankles to be straight with these on. They were very comfortable, although they did feel a bit odd at first.

I tried another pair he recommended as a second choice but I found them less comfortable, so went for the Saucony as there didn't seem much point trying others just for the sake of it.

All in all, I was impressed. They seemed to have a well chosen selection of shoes, albeit that there weren't many bargains. What they had was good shoes, all this years model at RRP. I didn't mind paying full price as they had provided a good service, and everything else I'm using didn't cost much: running gear was half price from ASDA, and I already had the phone and headphones, just had to buy an armband holder for the phone.


I know a few people that have been to Runnersneed in Exeter and been very happy.. I'm planning on going there soon as I work in Exeter a couple of days a week...I'll look out for the other 2 you mentioned. :-)


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