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New shoes - will I notice the difference straight away?


I am part way through week three and have just treated myself to some proper running shoes following gait analysis at my local running store. I have been running in an old pair of trainers up until now and learnt the hard way that they are not suitable (knee and ankle pain that started with week three)... but now I have a new pair of shoes I'm really looking forward to going out in them in the morning... BUT my knees and ankles are still a bit sore. Nothing unbearable and I don't want to not go out now I've got the momentum going. I've got them elevated now with some peas on... will they just get better over time now I have proper shoes? Will the difference be evident straight away?


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Personally I would wait until your injuries are better before trying to run in your new shoes. They are unlikely to cure existing injuries.

Maybe just try a walk in them first? Even waiting another few days should help.


Tough one. You need to be able to distinguish between the normal aches that come with new exercise, and are perfectly fine, and pukka injuries that need to be treated and left to heal. I'd err on the side of caution.

If your old shoes were truly terrible, then you new shoes will likely feel great straight out of the box. But, as BTX4 says, they'll not cure existing injuries, just prevent them re-occuring (hopefully!)

No harm in waiting a day or two.


I'd do another rest day too, there is no sense in making things worse. A walk in your new trainers is a very sensible idea too.

Hope things settle down and I'm sure you'll feel a big difference when you do get going with your new footwear.


Thank you. Didn't see your replies til just now and have already been out this morning. Ankles were fine whilst running but the main problem is my left knee which is hurting now (I have peas on it as I type) but weirdly although it hurt as I ran it seemed to become more noticable the further I went. I'm due to start week four on Thursday but may skip it and wait til Saturday (which would have been my next run) to go out and give my knee chance to recover.



*meant to say LESS noticable the more I ran! oops


In my very limited experience (w9 tomorrow!) I have found that the aches and pains have come and gone through this programme. My biggest problem has been a sore calf which I elevated, iced etc. Most aches/pains started for me in W6 and are now not bothering me so much :) I think everything is strengthening up and in my case, being used properly for the first time! Iam learning to be patient and as Iam getting near the end, it is becoming a bit easier (notice i say " a bit"!).

Good luck to you and keep posting on here! :)


hollyO - would you rest for few days then or keep going? I really don't want to lose the momentum I've got going but also don't want to damage myself more as don't want to not be able to carry on (esp now I've spend a small fortune on my new shoes!)... I was very achy for first few weeks (stiff as a board in fact) but put this down to my body protesting at going from zero exerise to this! This feels different.... x


Oo Iam not sure. I thought I would have to give up but carried on. For me, if I had taken too much time off I probs wouldn't have got going again. The other v important thing for me recently, has been WATER -lots of it!! It may be a coincidence but Iam not so achey now. I also will be using a compression sleeve for my calf (which is a lot better since I ordered the sleeve - sods law), which has just arrived. I have noticed people use knee helpers :D (lol dont know what they are called - like a compression sleeve but for knees!! - maybe a knee sleeve?) I also take a couple of Nurofen when I get back.

These are just things that have helped me. May not be right for you, but I hope I have helped :)


Yes you have thank you x


I'd rest up till Thursday and take some ibuprofen to try get rid of the old injury before running again. If it eases when you run it can't be too bad (I'm no professional though)

Good luck :)

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