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Week 4 R1 - Big Step Up

My thoughts over the last few days

W3R3(sat) - I thought this would get easier but the last 3 mins run is so tough. How the hell am i going to run 5mins twice for week 4? 9 mins running to 16 mins running. This has to be some kind of mistake. Is there a week 3.5 podcast i don't have?

Sun - I'm feeling better, it will be fine. Even if i don't finish i will give it a go. No way i'm going to finish. i'm too big. need to lose weight first. Laura says i can do it. Just give it a go.

Mon - Weigh day and i've lost 5lb. I'm a stone lighter than when i started c25k (still 19.5 stone). This spurs me to throw on my training gear and head to the treadmill.

3 min run - hard but manageable

5 min run - 90s isn't enough, oh well here we go. Wow this is hard. Calf starts hurting. Shattered by the end. No way i can do this again.

3 min run - 2.5 mins, feeling better but that lasts until about 1 min into the run. Last two minutes are hell but i do it just about.

90s walk - Well i know i won't do the 5 min run but do as much as i can and try to beat it next week.

5 min run - legs stop hurting so i'm feeling good but that lasts only 30 seconds and i'm out of breath. Can't breathe must stop, but i don't. Laura tells me to keep going...I tell her to do something to herself that i probably shouldn't have...2mins left and its really hard but what's 2 mins? Remember reading about counting back from 100 on this website, try it but only get to 97 and i'm too tired to think. Keep going though...30 sec's left and i stumble and nearly fall off the treadmill. steady myself and keep going. Laura stays stop and the big lad has done it!!

5 min warmdown - Jubilation? No. All i can think is that it was so hard and i have to do it again. And i'll have no excuses as i've already done it once. Also realise i owe Laura an apology.

IMPORTANT LESSON LEARNED - Body can do it, only thing that can stop you is your mind.

Bring on r2. I'm going to kick it's arse :)

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Fantastic post! Wishing you all the best for run 2.


Hooray and well done. You may find it easier when you are not having to adjust your pace from jogging to walking as much. Just go slow and steady and kick those demon monkeys off your shoulder. Good luck.


Well done. I'm gonna do w4r1 this afternoon, during my son's music lesson ! There, I've said it, so now I have to do it!


Great post, well done you!! Love the missing 3.5 podcast :D


CONGRATS on the see, Laura does know what she is talking about! It may be difficult to believe sometimes, but she does.

I love the week 3.5 idea ~ at the time I would have sold a kidney to have week 3.5, but I got there.

Do you want to borrow my boots for some arse kicking?


Fantastic post! It has cheered me up on a damp morning. I plan to do week 4 run 1 this evening and it also occurred to me that it was a big step up. Anyway, you have spurred me on! Thank you.


Thanks guys. It was a major achievement for me as i've never been anywhere near what you would call fit or athletic. Happy it has put a smile on peoples face. Just remember, I'm not joking when i say i weigh 19.5 stone so nobody else has an excuse!

Run 2 has been done and kicked into touch. It was a lot easier than Monday. One more and the dreaded week 5 is upon us! Can't wait.


Bless you, your post made me laugh. I completed WK 4 R 2 this morning and have also been saying some very nasty things to Laura, I have some weight to loose and carrying large lady lumps, also only stopped smoking 9 weeks ago after 30 years of addiction, my lungs feel like they're collapsing after the 5 min run. Keep going I'll see you at the end x


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